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Age of Columbia is now Lord of Columbia


If there’s one thing I love about Derek Haines and his blog, is his advice he gives to newbie indie-authors like me regarding what to do and what not to do regarding a book launch. There’s one thing I overlooked and it’s choosing the right title.

Derek’s advice?

Make the title a popular but not too popular keyword. In other words, don’t use words that are overused. My old title, Age of Columbia, which I was so dead set on I posted it on all my social media outlets, has one word so overused my book would get lost in a forest of books and three years’ work down the drain.

For a guy who wants to make writing indie-books a source of primary income, Age isn’t the best word to put into a title, especially in the fantasy genre. There are over 30,000 titles with such a keyword attached.

Furthermore, Age of Columbia refers to a broad scope and according to Les Edgerton in his book, Hooked, is a turnoff to many readers. Edgerton’s advice is to show a story from one perspective, which echoes Jerry Jenkins’ advice, too. Back in 2017, I worked relentlessly to switch my point-of-view from third-person omniscient to third-person limited, so only my main character’s five senses can be utilized.

With this being said, I spent two hours researching proper key terms which would still vibrate well with my title and connect the reader to the main character. I settled on two titles: Knights of Columbia, and Lord of Columbia. Again, Knights of Columbia refers to the whole group, and though my main is part of a special group, I want it to refer only to them, therefore, Lord won the day, which has an ideal number between 1,000 and 2,000 per my research.

I’m currently working on the proper tagline to use and hope to reveal the cover sometime in the summer followed by a book trailer which will be seen on all my social media accounts.

I’m grateful to have done my research before my launch in September 2018, by giving my book a fair shake at the market. If there’s one piece of advice I can give to new authors looking to break into selling their book, it’s to never rush into publication. Five years ago, I would’ve rushed and at least these days I’m wise enough to save myself headache, heartache, and complete embarrassment.

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  1. Titles are so important. I’ve just finished reading confession of an advertising man, and there’s a surprising amount of bleed-through into the world of fiction – including the importance of a headline, or title. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

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