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Your Passion is a Second Job


Your passion deserves to be treated like a second job. You work hard all day, go home, and do…what?
Watch TV?
Heck no.
Sit back and unwind?
Nope, wrong answer.
It shouldn’t even matter if you work ten-hour days with a one-hour commute to and from work (such as mine), your passion needs to be treated like a second job so one day it becomes a first job. Look, I realize long and stressful days, but your passion needs to be in your daily schedule.
If you have a dead-end job or aren’t happy with your job, your passion can be your way to unwind. It’ll make you feel accomplished and give a sense of productivity. Also, things we’re passionate about helps relieve stress from the day and gives us a useful goal to work toward. It’s a situation where you’re going to win out.
What do I like to do in working on my own passion, which is writing?


Learn, Learn, Learn

Always remain a student of what sets you free. Even if you claim to be an expert, know you can go further in your pursuit by learning something new each day. I love writing about passion, motivating others to pursue their passion, and the backstory on what makes me passionate about writing. Subjects like libertarian politics and liberation continue to fuel me in my writing.
Research is also key. Everything changes, and new avenues are discovered and tested daily. Always be a student of your craft and never assume to know everything. Square away time each day, even a few minutes, to read about what you hold passionate.



Ignore the Haters

I’ve touched on this several times, but it’s of utmost importance. People are going to call you out over choosing to work on what you deem passionate over going out and bar hopping. Sure, some will understand but most won’t. They don’t know any different because they see society going out for Happy Hour, to sporting events, and drinking every weekend. To them, it’s another week. You have more important matters to attend to.
You’ll also get those who think they know life back to front. I love using the Pepsi Guy here, a dude I knew back in my old Weirton days. You’d have thought the Pepsi Guy knew everything there was to life and even fitness, though he made his living selling toxic products to people, so he didn’t even realize his own hypocrisy.
The Pepsi Guy is the stereotypical dude who works on bribe to sell products people would be better off not consuming while using his ego in the gym and probably anywhere else he ventures while looking to advise youngsters to follow his lead (selling toxins to people?) while calling out others who have the courage to pursue their passion.
I remember several instances the Pepsi Guy became annoyed with me for my own writing. Hey, if it made him happy, I guess it was worth it in his false sense of reality. But the fact he walked around the gym and played hardball with people only to be offended (openly offended) to the fact I had a passion for writing, researching, and spreading the idea of true liberty instead of the false stuff his workout bud GI Johnson believed in, I guess he was all talk. I don’t know, he blocked me from social media, but the Pepsi Guy is the ideal hater I’ll save for another article. You guys will love this.



Small Steps Lead to Wonderful Destinations

So, all Pepsi Guys and GI Johnsons aside, take small steps. Even if you made minute progress in one day, remember you’re one step ahead than you were yesterday. Pursuing passion is all about making a few mistakes and learning from them.
We learned to talk and walk, but it took time. Eventually, we made it. We learned to read, all at differing paces, but we grasped the alphabet, sentences, and complex words.
What you’re doing is no different. Celebrate the small victories. There will be many small victories, and few large victories. However, over time you’re going to realize how far you’ve come. This is the personal trainer in me coming out. I’ve always stated the one who makes permanent changes change the slowest, and those who end up where they started made the quick fix, only for it to backfire.




You must pursue your passion today and remember the haters will be there and time will be aplenty. Utilize your down time. Skip the Happy Hour and anything which will deter you from your goal and the life you’ve always wanted. I want to be a libertarian writer, novelist, and one day, speaker on both the motivational levels and libertarian principles. My fitness background helps every single one of these avenues. I love training, but to change lives, I know I must reach mass audiences.



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