The Issues You Hold Dear Deserve to be Heard

What is it about libertarian principles that I hold so important I feel they need to be heard through my writing, social media posting, and in my upcoming trilogy, Age of Columbia? Well, I can write a book about it, but former Congressman Ron Paul beat me to the punch and has done a fantastic job.

But, why not conservative or liberal?

Why libertarian?

What do we believe in?



Lies by Washington

Everything Washington is against, to be honest. We’re non-interventionist, believers in false flags, fiscally conservative, pro-free market (real free market, not the crony stuff we see here in the States), we don’t like taxes of any kind, we’re not believers in safety nets but we do love charities, and last but never least, we believe in the Bill of Rights.

Well, the Bill of Rights have been usurped in the United States. They tell us what we can and cannot say in public, our right to bear arms is threatened daily, police checkpoints violate the fourth and fifth amendments, we’re detaining people without due process for suspecting them of criminal acts, we’re being taxed at gunpoint, federal laws violate the tenth, and I’m just getting started on the erosion of liberty in America.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself, as others have, to write, speak, and broadcast about the erosion of liberty in America.

What are other ways we’re seeing our freedom taken away?

If you follow my blog, you know I’m anti-public school. Vladimir Lenin once said to give him four years to teach children and the seed he’s sown will never be uprooted.

America has given our government thirteen years to plant the seed of socialism and communism within its youth.

Want more fun?

During the Vietnam War era, college students (many from the minority elite) were exempted draft status due to their status as college students. The poor kids got to go and fight communism while those with money stayed home to get more indoctrinated into communism, fueled by the collectivist Left.

So, my antagonizing of the Left and Right are just this: both the Left and Right are pro-war and pro-US intervention. This can be proven when George W. Bush started several conflicts in the Middle East, while a secular regime in Libya was overthrown by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only for an extremist regime to takeover which is now participating in a slave trade. Today, Donald Trump is beating war drums with Russia, Iran, Syria, and even Cuba, which many libertarian experts are saying this is the closest we’ve been to World War III since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962.

It’s an interesting time to be alive. Many say it’s a dangerous time to be alive, but each era has had its pandemics. It’s an interesting time to be alive. At the push of a button, one man or woman two-thousand miles away can do some serious damage at any given time. It’s dangerous, yes, but interesting. This will go down in history books, and at the very least some are predicting this is Cold War II.


Relating to Passion

So, my passion for writing intertwines with history and politics. Age of Columbia is a conflict between an American Empire resembling force and a budding Constitutional Republic. It’s a story of a fight between America as it is today, and America as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. It’s Libertarian America versus America the Establishment.

It’s America versus America.

My passion is getting the libertarian message out into the public atmosphere. We must realize the importance of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We must remember what public school teaches us and why, parents, if you’re reading this, I believe nothing is more detrimental than sending your children to these political prisons.
I’ve talked to people who’ve been homeschooled, and the results speak wonders. Their vocabulary and grammar are off the charts, their spectrum is broadened to the point they’re proficient in philosophy, free market economics, financial planning, the works. They’re more successful and the “lacking social skills” many pro-statist public school teachers preach is the biggest myth you will ever hear.

Parents, I urge you to seek out the Ron Paul Curriculum, which teaches real history, such as the real tensions which led to the American Civil War among others (states rights versus strong, centrally-planned government), math which your kids will use throughout life, and much more listed in the above paragraph. I’ve studied this program and I wish it were around when I grew up, but my parents never would’ve pulled me from public school. Sadly.



Don’t Worry About Others

Hey, people think I’m off my rocker when I talk this way, but others realize my sanity. Put it this way: when you release your passion into the universe you’re going to have naysayers. You’re going to have people try to bring you down to their level, because they’re not courageous enough to speak about important issues. Either that or they don’t care, which couldn’t be more dangerous.

Your friends may turn on you. Some will accuse you of being an attention seeker. Others will tell you to grow up and get a real job. They’re societal drones, and nothing more. They’ve already accepted and bowed down to their governmental or employer overlords. They hand taxes over while being held at gunpoint. Their governmental overlords tell them they own land, and in some cases personal property, but you’re going to be paying taxes on it until death does its part. They give you public social security to hold you up and force you to bow down and put all your trust in Big Brother.

And they’ll call you crazy. In my case, I’ve been labeled anti-patriotic because I question my government’s domestic and foreign policy. I’ve been called anti-military because I don’t believe in military-intervention. I’ve been called a Middle Eastern and Russian apologist because I don’t believe the media is telling us the truth on all issues regarding them, one good example can be last weekend’s alleged chemical attacks.

So, be ready to make a few enemies, but in doing so you’ll make many more friends, friends who think like you and are on the same mission as you.