Never Let the Opinions of Others Bring You Down


Okay, honest statement here: others are going to have their opinions about you and it’s important to never allow the opinions of others bring you down. Look, you’re going to get positive and negative feedback because you have enough courage to pursue what’s important to you and are looking beyond the “everyman or everywoman” benefits of making a normal living with little to no impact on others.

Take a moment and congratulate yourself for having the courage to pursue what you’ve always wanted in life because after high school, few embark on such a path. I’m not talking about the path they set for themselves in high school or college, I’m talking about the child’s dream I mentioned in my previous article. The child’s dream is your first instinct, your true calling.

We’ve all dreamed a dream, but few allow such dreams to materialize, mainly to fit in with others. During my time working as a trainer in Weirton, I made such a mistake, which is another reason I started My Freedom Flame.



Fear of Others

It all started with my fear of others. I was afraid of them finding my values to be too radical to the conservative community Weirton is. The town as a whole are Trump-apologist nationalists who are intent on blindly following anything President Donald Trump deems necessary.

As a libertarian, I’m a believer in non-intervention, in pure free markets, sound currency backed by gold, the existence of the Deep State, and low-taxation across the board. Yet in Weirton, the story is quite different, as was evidenced when Trump signed on to ban bump stocks, passed the omnibus spending bill worth 1.3 trillion dollars (which will further hurt the US dollar both at home and abroad), and is now looking to intervene in Syria.

In Weirton, Trump could become a communist and they’d follow him.

So, I allowed fear to hold me back during the entire 2016 US Presidential Election season, from January 2015 to November 2016. It wasn’t until after Trump was elected did I go to Pittsburgh and find a new training gig did I really get vocal on Trump, who has failed to uphold numerous campaign promises (don’t they all?).

My reputation in Weirton, especially at my old fitness club, isn’t good. In fact, if I were to walk in there during a prime time hour, nothing good would come out of it.

The moral to this story is never be afraid to voice your thoughts, views, and opinions, even if it differs with the inflated status-quo of a region. Don’t worry about their opinions and what they paint you to be. You and your friends know who you really are and just because the Pepsi Guy loves to talk (but has yet to learn to walk) means you’re not the problem; the Pepsi Guy is the problem.



Short-Term, Long-Term

Sure, opinions in the short-term may have an effect on you but what’s cool is you can wire your mind in a sense to break such effects. For one, think of all the positives you already have in your life. Even in dark times, positivity exists.

Take all the negative events that have affected you and throw them away. Before going to sleep each night, picture each of them as a heavy brick and turn this heavy brick into an amusing item. Do this with each negative thought, event, or experience, and watch them fly away. Many like to picture such bricks turning into doves, as doves symbolize peace.

Keep doing this until you run out of negative thoughts. Now, focus on positive thought. Give yourself something positive, such as the best experience you had during your day. Visualize such an event so it’s vivid and so close to you it’s within your reach. Realize your power and focus on this object, event, or experience.

Repeat this ritual nightly, and soon you’re going to see the negativity wash away, replaced with positivity. The words of others will no longer affect you and you’ll be in a better place mentally and spiritually. Physically, you’re going to feel healthier, too, as negative thinking can lead to numerous health issues.





Negative thinking is what we’ve been conditioned into believing is the norm in society. I’m here to tell you it’s not the case. Negative thinking can and will be broken by utilizing positive exercises. Such positivity increases your body’s natural endorphins.

People are naturally positive and have been cognitively conditioned into thinking negative. With such conditioning, we hear much more negativity than positivity. The energy spread affects those around us with negative thought and reaction. Turn away from negativity and embrace yourself in positive thought.