How to Sell Your Passion

We should all make our passion a living. Here are a few tips I’m utilizing to sell my passion. Enjoy! #amwriting #passion #writerslife

My Freedom Flame

Do you want to hear a confession?
I hate sales, marketing, and numbers, but to have success in anything, these three elements how their ugly head in any business. If you wish to make money, or a decent side income to pay the bills, you need to sale your product.
Whatever your idea, or in my case, my message, you need to have the tools to sale the product.

Learn on Your Current Job

This is where having a decent primary income job comes in. As a personal trainer, I can apply not only my writing (look for my fitness-oriented blog this coming week), but I can apply my selling personal training to selling my message.
In fitness, I have to get used to selling myself, and in your chosen gig, you need to sell yourself, because your name is your brand, and your product is you.


Be Resourceful


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