The Dream is Still Alive and the Fire Burns to this Day


The burning flame you once had inside you is still burning. Sure, you may’ve succumbed to societal norms of falling in and going into default mode, but the fire still burns. A child’s dream of forging their own path is still burning strong. You just need to find it. It’s still there.

Our dreams never leave us. I remember the child who wanted to be a writer. The child still exists. Sure, he’s grown, but the dream is still alive. The dream never ended. The dream never left. Your dream has never left, and the flame is still burning within you.
You wake up and dress a certain way to make a lot of money for someone else and are expected to be grateful for it.

For what?

You take a bribe to give up on your dreams, stating you had this going or you had that going but this job, a job you never saw yourself doing back in grade school is who you’ve become.

For what?

Things changed, and you saw others falling in line. Marriage, mortgage, kids, work, taking kids to (God forbid public) school, falling in line with the paying taxes and dying mantra.

For what?

Where is that person you once were?

They’re still inside your soul. They still live in you. They’re still a part of you. But, you were encouraged to follow your dreams and ambitions at a young age only to watch them go by the wayside sometime between ninth grade and your senior year of college or somewhere in between.

But the dream is still alive. The fire still burns. The willpower is still here. The desire to be what you’ve always wanted still reigns supreme within your heart.

And those who’ve fallen in line have asked me, “For what?”

For what, Todd?

Mom and Dad ask me the same thing. Sometimes daily.

For what?

Because as writers, we dream of spreading a message, a desire, a vibe toward those close to us. People via social media notice our work. Not us, but our work. They way it’s supposed to be. The way it should be.

Not for us, never for us, it’s not intended to be ourselves pitching our writing skills. No, it’s the message we spread to others, telling them in a motivational way, “Never give in! Never give up!”

Even if the odds are stacked against you, never give up.

But why?

Because we were born to this world, winning against all odds the lottery of life to make a difference where we live today for others, on our terms, calling our shots.

I’m a pro-liberty anarcho-capitalist who believes the Bill of Rights can’t be compromised. And I, along with the likes of Dr. Ron Paul, Stefan Molyneux, Lew Rockwell, Daniel McAdams, and the likes of which they contribute believe in the same message.

A message to reach as many people as possible. No, us writers must get out of the way of our messages and allow the message to take center stage. Allow the message to reign supreme, motivating just one individual to click a share button, not a like button, a share button, and spread the message.

For what?

We’re a rare breed. We don’t accept things as is if we see a problem. We’ll never accept things as is. No, we, like many before us, dream of spreading our message, our voice for whatever issue we hold important, far and wide.

It’s our living.

Now, think one more time what you wanted back in grade school and middle school. Think long and hard. Think about the child who still lives within the individual behind the shirt and tie, or the strictest dress code standard.

What fascinated you?

Who were your idols?

Who did you wish to become?

What did you wish to become?

There lies your answer. Look deep inside. It’s still there, the flame is everlasting. The fire is still burning. The fire is always burning.

It doesn’t need to be like this. You don’t need to live your life reminiscing about what once was. About what you used to be in the past. No, you can and will take the next step because the power resides within you.

The power is within all of us.

It’s inside, and it’ll always be inside.
Go out and make it happen.