Uniqueness of us Writers


As writers, our passion is simple: we pen words to paper or type them onto a screen. But, they’re more than words. They’re thoughts, ambitions, desires, love interests, and perhaps a perfect world we can create, within our power, where we call each shot.
Writers are unique, because we see certain status-quos and sometimes such status- quos aren’t morally right.
What do we do?
We write and hope some likeminded individual reads what we’ve written; reads our thoughts, and our master plan on making our world a better place to live.


Tales to Tell

Us writers live to tell tales, which are allegories for what we wish for in our world. My own trilogy, Age of Columbia, is nothing more than an allegory regarding unconstitutional American intervention all over the world at war with a budding republic a budding republic America’s founders would’ve been fond of.
Sure, it’s a contemporary fantasy with some dystopia, romance, and a little steampunk, but the underlying message is this: America has been at war most of it’s existence and it’s time to cut it out.
We have messages and issues so important to us we use them to forge such tales, hoping our voice is heard, read by hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and dare I say it, millions. Our stories contain hidden and blatant messages looking to inspire likeminded people but at the same time planting seeds in peoples’ minds telling them yes, they can and will allow their voice to be heard.


We Have a Voice

Writers may not the loudest people in the room, but our minds are definitely the loudest. Our minds scream so much we have no choice but to put our thoughts out into the universe, whether our issues are political, racial, religious, or anything in between, our voices matter. We have a voice.
My voice is to spread the idea of liberty. True liberty, a liberty which isn’t given to anyone by government, but to us by a higher power, be it a religious or secular higher power which no artificial entity such as government can take away.
Our voices have power, perhaps not by tone or insistence, but by words. Words we write. Words we hold dear to us and our message. Words so powerful when penned to paper or typed to a screen heads will turn, and our message will be heard, vibrated, a seed planted, germinating in the minds of anyone who crosses our message’s path.



Stay true to yourself and your message. Us writers may have some weird ideas, but somehow, our ideas are usually correct and in time, people will follow. Hold your message true to your heart, even if it differs from mine. You have a right to spread your message. Spread it and don’t allow anyone to take it away. Don’t let anyone hold you silent.
Keep writing, because someday, you’re going to inspire a following.