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The Power Within You

A Power Exists Within you So Great, it Cannot be Extinguished

The power within us is a little-known substance we’ve been cognitively conditioned to turn off and keep off. It happens early, with state-run indoctrination where we’re conditioned in the classroom to subject ourselves to certain viewpoints and mannerisms that are approved by the state. In doing so, we lose our sense of self.
After being trapped in such prisons for thirteen years, the power within you is still there, but the hope it ever returns is bleak. It takes years to recondition the mind into remembering the power we all knew existed as young kids is still here.
Yet, what happens?
Such cognitive conditioning teaches us one thing and one thing only: to join the workforce either immediately after high school or college, pay taxes, and die. Sure, we’re going to be compensated for our efforts…after making someone else in a corporate or government office a lot, and I mean, a lot of money. And for your efforts you’ll get a salary, a bonus check, a house, a few weeks’ paid vacation, and a sense of security, accomplishment, and excitement.
To be honest, what’s so exciting and secure about making someone else a lot of money working for a corporation or government that will replace you tomorrow if they wished?
And you have a sense of accomplishment. That’s nice, you bought a house that you’ll never own because after buying such house you’ll never own, you still owe the state property taxes on a property you paid-in-full. So, you’re not a homeowner. Some states even tax personal property, such as vehicles. And the fact you have to pay the state almost fifty bucks for a sticker adds insult to injury. Oh, and don’t forget for some of you an annual vehicle inspection still exists so the state can permit you to put something you own out onto the streets.
Again, you have a sense of accomplishment?
You don’t own anything, you’re working for a company that only wants you around, so you can make them more money in fiscal year 2018 than you did fiscal year 2017.
Doesn’t this sound bleak?
Unfortunately, it’s how much of America is. They think success is getting a job, benefits, and a retirement plan. Again, the retirement plan, such as social security, is state run, while those such as a 401(k) is a company benefit. Someone’s taking care of you. We already covered the job, which practically makes someone else a lot of money unless you’re the one providing the service and running the show. The benefits are another gift from the company or public sector entity you’re working for.
At the end of the day, the impact you’re making is minimal.
But, there’s good news. The good news states that a power rests within you, it’s inside all of us, and it’s our sense of self. It’s the power of self-identity and by using self-identity, we can sell our ideas to people.
If you don’t believe me, try researching authors, artists, historians, writers, philosophers, entrepreneurs (small business), inventors, and anyone with a unique idea to benefit people. Sure, you’re going to put a price on it because we need to live and the more units you sell are going to put more in your pocket, but there are a few differences going on.
For one, you’re not subject to anyone but you.
For another, you’re selling what you’re passionate about that will be a benefit to people.
A third instance, and it’s the most important, is you’re going to look forward to pursuing what’s important to you.
And a final cornerstone is what you’re doing will give you a sense of independence you can pay forward to inspire others.
So, are we still paying taxes?
Are we still going to die?
But, we are going to make an impact we want to make on our own time which will breed with our own passion. We’re going to get back on track to the goal we set sometime between grade school and middle school, allowing us to do something few have done, which is to see a childhood dream through before the schooling system squeezed it out of us with something called ‘reality.’ Hey, reality is what you make it, and nothing more.
And if you’re a libertarian-anarcho-capitalist writer such as I, perhaps my impact will one day help close loopholes where the bureaucracy taxes us and forces us to buy a license for every little thing. Perhaps my message will help slash property and personal property taxes and, (dare I say it?) income taxes.
After all, Age of Columbia, my contemporary fantasy trilogy, is all about building a libertarian-anarcho-capitalist nation at its core. To an extent, a libertarian manifesto, which is my hope the United States of America will someday follow.
Your message, your passion, and your dreams are important to you and they’re something you should never give in to. Even if you’re being bribed to work for a company you wouldn’t be working for strictly because the price is right and you’re getting all kinds of benefits, rethink your worth, because I think you’re worth more.
We’ve been indoctrinated into believing childhood and middle school dreams can’t come true. I say different. My own celeb, well, somewhat celeb, crush, Dianne van Giersbergen started taking singing lessons at age four. She saw her childhood dream come true and then some.
NFL players, MLB players, NBA players, the works, they all had childhood dreams. They came true.
I know what many of you may be thinking: Only one-percent of all people on this Earth have the opportunity.
I think different: Only one-percent of all people on this Earth make the opportunity. The difference between success and failure lies in the power within. The power of the universe is within all of us, but only those who realize such power know this power exists within and beyond. And by using the power on the inside to force the powers on the outside to work in our favor, only then do we succeed.
We’re taught by schools and even churches that we’re worthless and have to lean on someone else’s shoulder. The power doesn’t rest in a certain savior, be it supernatural, private, or public sector. The power rests within you, a long-known secret they don’t want you to know and are conditioning you to forget. Remember your power.



  1. I love this! As children we are told to dream big and reach for the stars. As we get older, though, that’s snatched from us and we’re told we’ll never make it and to be a banker or something equally mundane instead (not that I have anything against them). But I wonder what this country would be like if everyone’s dreams were encouraged instead, if we could do what we truly believe we can do. Perhaps we would all be better for it. Thanks for the food for thought!

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