How to Surround Yourself in Positive Vibes

I’m going to let you in on a secret: No matter your passion, four out of every five people will fail to understand it. Sure, you may have ample support from family and your closest friends, but the majority won’t understand.
Worse yet, you’re going to be subject of ridicule from many behind your back, some of these doing the talking may be those you’ve been in contact with throughout the years. You know who I’m talking about, those who believe the know life back to front because they have their job, salary, benefits, retirement plan, and everything they’ve been conditioned to believe this is all there is to life.
I feel bad for these people. I’m sad they’ve been taught to believe in what’s dubbed the ‘reality check.’ I feel bad they didn’t have the courage, open-mindedness, or curiosity to look beyond what they’ve been taught by others and instead take a very negative outlook on anyone looking to rise above and beyond the status-quo handed to us in these political prisons disguised as public schools.
So, what are some ways for you to surround yourself in positivity and get rid of the negativity?
First, use the power of visualization. Visualization is something we’re all capable of because we visualize every day. However, we must take it a step further. We want to see what we want right in front of us. A good way to practice is to close your eyes and visualize something familiar for five minutes. Next, take an object and study its details. Visualize it for five minutes. Afterward, make up something strange, like a plant sprouting in Venus, and visualize it. Finally, visualize the weird scenario in front of you for five minutes. Practice this, and you can accomplish anything via visualization. If you can see it with your mind, it will come.
Be your own motivator. Positive people will be too far and few in between, so by finding ways to motivate yourself in stressful times, you’re going to feel good, I guarantee you. One way to do this is engage in hobbies that make you stress-free. I love to workout, which allows me to reinvigorate the mind, body, and soul. A great workout will produce positive endorphins and release dopamine, which will make you feel great, as in anything you do in such a moment will conquer the world. There are numerous ways to motivate one’s self, and a great workout is one of many.
Remember to trust the process each day. The journey to the kind of success we’re looking for in terms of pursuing our dreams and ambitions takes time. It’s a process. The Philadelphia 76ers had three down seasons when they started ‘The Process’ and now they’re the third seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference in Year Four. For my Cleveland Browns, we’re 1-31 in two seasons since beginning ‘The Process’ in 2016. This season looks much more promising. So, I like to use ‘The Process’ as a term for anyone looking to escape the doldrums of waking up, fighting traffic, making money for someone else, fighting traffic home, and repeating for five to six days per week. Trust the Process, it takes time.
There’s an old cliché which states if something were easy, everyone would be doing it. This is true, as what you’re going to pursue isn’t easy. Not everyone is going to do it, which explains the negativity associated with it spanning four of every five people. People will be negative to you about what you’re doing for this reason: they don’t think they have what it takes but when they see that you do have what it takes, they’re going to try and sink you down to their level. Rise above and stay above; don’t fall for it.
The key to this article is to steer clear of negativity. Use your visualization, stress relief exercises, trusting the process, and remembering what you’re doing is special and unique, even if those around you don’t think so. My final word is to remember that you’re a motivator to someone else. Someone is going to come across you and your work. In turn you’ll motivate others. Let the negative people sit on the sidelines and watch you while the positive people follow your tracks.