Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

The perfect time to break free of a dead-end day job doesn’t exist. There is no perfect time. The key is to begin, even in the worst times. Times won’t get better unless you begin. Pursue your passion today, right now, if you’re at home and reading this article.
Why do people wait for the perfect time?
I’m not sure, it’s almost like they feel things will come together for them. I’ve talked to people who’ve thought this way and there’s a consensus among them; the perfect time is a manmade commodity in the brain. Nothing comes together unless you make it come together.
Luckily, there are things you can do to make your circumstances close to perfect, but it’s going to take action from the one person who can control this situation; you.
Now that you know the situation lies within your control, the first step you can take is to start. You can start by typing ‘how to pursue (your passion) into the search bar. Find a few people online and on social media and follow them. Start gathering information today.
Once you spend an evening or two gathering information, you’re going to have a nice network from which to work. By then, you should’ve found a few experts in the field. By reading about and following these experts, you’re going to find a newfound motivation to know more. To learn more, and to plant the initial seeds to become the best you can.
I love using Jerry Jenkins and Derek Haines here. Back when I started writing fiction, I thought I knew what I was doing by copying what made the classics, well, classics. Little did I realize the classics are classics because there was little competition back in the day.

Back then, TV was in its initial stages, iPhones, iPads, and the internet didn’t exist. Radio was the only real competition. Using the Jerry Jenkins writers’ guild to my advantage, I learned the way I was writing wasn’t the way a reader accepts a novel in today’s day and age.
So, learning is key. Learn the craft you wish to undertake. For some of us, it means going to school and getting a degree in the field. Anything in the sciences, health, or mechanical fields among others would be a huge yes. As for the arts, I recommend learning it via the internet, books, etc. Unless your goal is to receive a Ph.D. and become a professor or scholar in the field.
Continue to absorb information and turn your downtime into learning time. Oh, and apply what you learn. When I learned the whole writing process, story structure, the do’s and don’ts, I applied them to my writing that day. There’s no more waiting. The time isn’t perfect. The time is now.
And that’s the key: learn and apply your learning. Find a mentor in the field. You can do this online as I’ve mentioned above or if you’d rather have hands-on teaching or know someone personally who is already in the field, you’re in luck.
My final point is to be resourceful. Let people know of your intentions.
Will you be laughed at and ridiculed by even your best friends?
But ultimately, you need to do what makes you happy. If you don’t, happiness will never come and you’ll never realize how good you could’ve been. I don’t know how good of a novelist I’ll be, but I do know the only way to find out is to pursue my passion for writing and telling stories.
And you’ll never know unless you pursue your passion.