There’s Good, Even in the Bad


There’s good, even in bad. We can all have bad days at work where nothing goes right. But for those of us who love to “unwind” by realizing we’d rather be making a living off our passion, we have something awesome we’re in control over. We realize our destiny doesn’t have to be a nine to five gig or something we don’t enjoy doing.

Many people I’ve come across believe what they’re doing for a living in the situation they’re in is their destiny, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People believe society shapes one’s destiny, and their place in the bureaucracy falls where society puts them.

Again, there’s no truth to this. We shape ourselves and we control our destiny. It matters not who you are today, but what you do today to shape a better tomorrow. We can be given a bad situation, roadblocks, a series of unfortunate events from time to time, but how we react to such events today shapes tomorrow.

I came across a simple meme depicting two men trapped in a hole. One man sat and dwelled on his situation while the other was already one-quarter of the way out of the hole by figuring a way to rise again after being put in a terrible situation.

The above paragraph states a lot about life and it gives a clear outline in stating the choices we make in the present will influence our future and therefore our destiny.
I remember working at a grocery store called Riesbecks Food Markets and seeing miserable people around me. The same people, day in and day out complained.


Complained about an ex not paying child support, about the long workday ahead of them, about why customers act the way they do, about how much of a brutal dictator the Store Manager was (okay, they had a point here, but he wasn’t a bad person), and even the number of hours they were scheduled to work the following week.

Riesbecks wasn’t a happy place in the slightest to work for, though its customer service rocks to this day and I’d rather shop there for my food in favor of Wal-Mart, Kroger, or Giant Eagle. It has that small town, small chain, high service feel to it and you can’t find better food for miles. But, its employees, for the most part, are miserable, and something tells me it’s like this in a lot of places.

Fortunately, I’ve had the luxury of working as a personal trainer since I was twenty-one as it’d been my goal to become a well-respected trainer in the area before I rediscovered my passion for writing and, well, am pursuing writing like a madman.

But, something tells me we’re given a wide array of lessons in life. Why did I have to spend thirteen months at Riesbecks?

My thought has always been to develop an understanding of society, albeit the small sample size in a small town called Wintersville, Ohio. When you’re in a grocery store, you come to realize the melting pot America truly is, in Wintersville’s case, personalities.
But, you also see the negativity associated with humankind. Countless times had I received petty complaints such as customers asking me if senior citizens received special discounts, or why Product X was priced two dollars more expensive than last year. Other times, a customer would ask why I didn’t know where anything in the meat department was located. Well, I worked in produce.

I saw how employees acted behind the scenes and it was especially true during my stint as a bagger, which I did for three months before heading into produce. I saw firsthand how employees reacted in many situations and saw the hopelessness that rested in the future for many of these people.

For me, I thought to myself, I don’t want to be in this crowd.

Many will tell you this is how life is and there’s nothing you can do about it.
I will tell you this is how life can be if you allow it to be, but there is something you can do about any situation you face because ultimately, you control your destiny.

The power of the universe is both within us and beyond us and understanding knowledge such as this fact alone should be enough for us to realize we do have the power to manipulate our outside surroundings to receive what we’ve always dreamed of.

Hopes, dreams, and ambitions don’t fly to the wayside and ride off into the sunset, we watch them go, believing we wanted to do this, or wanted to do that, but ended up doing something we never dreamed of doing and now we have to deal with it.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

In my personal journey of building my writer platform I can tell you firsthand it doesn’t have to be this way. Two months ago, when I started it, I didn’t know where to begin, so I took the remnants of and created to help not only myself understand this wacky journey but to help you in your journey. And by writing about my ideas, experiences, and lessons, my goal is to reach as many people as possible and tell them it’s necessary to have a goal in mind, pursue passion, and become what you’ve always wanted to become.

The best place to begin is to get started. Just do something. If it’s writing, log onto or (depending what kind of hosting you want) and start a blog today. If it’s the gym, join a gym.

When it comes to controlling your own destiny, the key is to stop waiting, get started, and take the initial step. Like I said, if you’re a writer, stop reading this article and start your blog right now. Write about what fascinates you. For me, it’s motivating others to pursue a life they’ve always wanted stemming from libertarian-based principles such as self-reliance, individualism, and working for one’s self (the real capitalism).

Remember that the only person who is ultimately stopping you from achieving what you’ve always wanted to achieve is you. No one else is stopping you. Society doesn’t stop anyone. Mom and dad shouldn’t be accused, convicted, or guilty of stopping anyone. When you reach a certain age, no one is stopping you and if something is, you need to get away from whatever it is standing in your way.

Sneer at the obstacles in front of you and break through them. You will experience adversity and it’s your job to look it in the eye and respond to it in the best of your ability. Never listen to the masses or anyone else (the wannabe apex predators). If people are talking behind your back about what you’re doing, let them talk, because they’re the miserable people at their job I mentioned earlier and are only satisfied when they speak ill of others.

Appreciate your progress daily. It’s going to be a slow climb, but if you remember where you are as opposed to where you began, you’re going to realize the importance of your pursuit, the lessons you’ve learned, and the accomplishments you’ve already achieved.
It’s about time you started to take control of your destiny. If times are bleak, remember they come to pass. If you’re unsure or scared, remember the feeling is temporary, and our thoughts are playing with us. Don’t overthink, just do. Now, go do something great.