Tune them Out!

I want to give a quick shoutout to the naysayers. You know, the ones who are too busy worrying about your success and well-being to care about their own. The ones who love to point and laugh behind your back while you work around the clock pursuing your passion. The two apex predators in the back of the gym talking up their bench press in voices loud enough for the whole gym to hear.

Yeah, those people. The ones who love talking about themselves, making those around them uncomfortable, and carrying on while getting peeved at anyone who even implies contradicting their ways.

Of course, these people have their little gang, their “in crowd,” in other words. Such people in this “in crowd” feed off their ways, but in actuality are no better position than the naysayers, who will go out of their way to strike down the dreams of anyone not working for Pepsi or Mass Transit Companies, telling them to grow up and get a real job.

And, if you’re vocal about your goals to the world, and you should be, they and their little wannabe gang are the first to spread the word, making you infamous among the irrelevant. Good, you don’t need to be Facebook or Twitter famous around such irrelevant people who will never do anything but talk about you because you’ve made yourself a target by stating what you want in life.

Listen to me, right now.

You’re the courageous one, going out and telling the world what you want. You know your worth and you’re not afraid to let others know. You know what you want and you’re working day in and day out to get what you want. Anyone who tells you otherwise are lying not only to you but to themselves.


Because these weak souls want to feel better about themselves and their own sorry lives they’ve been conditioned to believe won’t go anywhere higher than Pepsi Co. or wherever they end up. They’ve been told and were thick enough to believe they had to “get a real job” and “grow up” at a young age to start collecting social security, get job benefits, and get taken care of by two large entities, the government and a large corporation.

And you know what?

They fell for the ruse, and now they’re going to rely on others to take care of them, in one way, shape, or form until death does its part. And while they may go out, have a few drinks, enjoy some much-needed entertainment, and take a company-issued paid vacation, they’re always going to live with the Big Lie, which is we’re only here to pay taxes and die.

Of course, those like us realize there’s more, much more, to life than taxes and death.

Sure, taxes and death may be an unfortunate truth to life, but what about writing your message, sharing it with the world, with people you’ve never met, across international boundaries and spreading the wealth of knowledge and wisdom today to create a better tomorrow?

To motivate and inspire others to forge their own elvenpath, regardless of what these naysayers, who make their money off poisoning people with the products they’re making money on for simply “doing their job” to make their living for a large corporation whose leaders probably have never heard of these apex predators in their lives. Sure, $90,000/year may sound tasty but it’s a bribe, a bribe, to poison others with addictive products full of preservatives and to make money at their expense, when there is another way.

Oh yes, there’s another way. The less traveled path, the one that’s made all the difference. The path few take, because they’re either fear-mongered or talked out of it by parents who have zero understanding with how the world works other than the indoctrination they’ve been given by their know-nothing parents.

No, but for us, we’re the researchers, the truth-seekers, the voyagers, who want to lift others just like us, facing these naysayers head on and telling them that there is indeed another way, another path, a true path, a righteous path, to help others become the best they can be in honest ways.

Let me tell you something right now: let these self-righteous, arrogant, know-it-all naysayers talk. Oh, let them talk, because at the end of the day these thirty, forty, and in some cases fifty-somethings need something to talk about. They need something to turn to, to criticize, to look down on, because it makes these miserable souls feel better in the end.

But you don’t have to succumb to their negativity, such negativity that’s propped up by a false sense of positivity. And when you’ve succeeded, make sure these naysayers realize how far you’ve come and what you’ve done for the world in an honest and meaningful way. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, because it can.

We’ve inspiration all around us. It can and will be done, and those who were too frightened and lack the courage to follow the path can dwell in their artificial positivity and their self-made misery.

Now, go prove these weak souls wrong, because you’re a strong soul. You’re going to be fun to watch.