How to Rise Above Temptation

When people tell me they’re working multiple jobs to make ends meet, I cringe, because truth be told, in most cases ends are met.
What do I mean by making ends meet?
What I’m getting to here is people tend to be habitual spenders and in the materialistic world we live in today, it’s become an epidemic reminiscent of the obesity epidemic running rampant in society today.
Reread the above paragraph and see if you spot one of the many correlations?
Eating out, eating the wrong foods, and consistently choosing convenience over cooking will drain anyone’s wallet, and the more money one makes the higher class they can eat.
Again, it’s only a single instance, but when people need the latest car, gadgets, next big fad, or whatever it is that satisfies their needs, the wallet is going to be bone-dry come payday.
For others, they’re going to be operating in the negative.
Some may have so many monthly installments they’re going to be forced to, well, get a side job.
What does this have to do with passion?
Well, take the fast-paced American lifestyle, lack of patience, and overall lack of self-control, and watch people enjoy five-second gratification and twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes, and fifty-five seconds of suffering.
Ever wonder why you have so many negative people at work?
I can write a book on all the causes and I’m not even trained in the fields of psychology and sociology, though as a personal trainer I have a very firm grasp on the subjects.
So, what can you do if you’re looking to not join this growing factory of sadness?
For one, you must utilize self-control. I’m on a similar journey as the rest of you, wishing to become what Derek Haines dubs the Authorpreneur because, well, the opportunities are endless, yet it takes a few minutes to build a respectable reputation.
How does one utilize self-control when temptation is right in front of you on the TV screen or in the magazine article you’re reading or even reading this very article?
Don’t focus on what’s being sold to you. Instead, remember who you are and what you want.
Do you want five seconds of gratification or a lifetime of gratification?
I’m choosing the latter, and if you’re with me keep reading this article, because self-control isn’t the only thing you need to reign in.
How do I manage to control my finances without working a second job?
1) I don’t overspend.
2) I don’t eat out.
3) I go over my budget bi-weekly and see how much I need to cover bills, payments, etc.
4) I make a daily schedule for myself the night before each workday and stick to it so I can find time to write, read, and research in addition to work.
What else do you need to do?
You need to make sacrifice as I’ve stated so many times before. Again, it comes down to the instant gratification versus lifetime gratification argument.
Do you want to save for a weekend getaway with friends or do you want to take the road less traveled and save for the costs it’s going to take to help better yourself in your pursuit of passion?
If you’re a writer like me who eats, sleeps, and breathes libertarian politics, perhaps attending a writers’ conference or a seminar on non-interventionist foreign policy would help me more than a weekend (or weeklong) getaway to a beach.
Sure, I’d love to hit the coast, but I also know if I achieve my ultimate goal, I’ll be making many more beach visits than the average person.
You need to make a daily schedule the night before each day and stick to it. There are going to be no more weekends, as your weekends are great for pursuing your passion and doing what’s necessary to pursue it.
Outings, Happy Hours, and anything else that costs money in the short-run is also instant gratification. Again, what typically entices people to go to these things is something called stress at work. Why’re you spending hard-earned cash on something detrimental when you can be spending it on something positive?
Again, these things no longer exist.
People are out working two jobs because they may have legit financial concerns, yes, but if you’re working full-time with a good job but want to be doing something else, only you can’t because you claim you don’t have the time for it, perhaps re-evaluating your current lifestyle will tell you a few things?
I’m not saying you can’t have fun, but to be honest, if you’re passionate about something it should mean you care about it enough that whatever it is you love should be done without hesitation.
For myself, getting up before the sun to work on my trilogy, Age of Columbia, as I did this morning is a smooth transition from my bedroom to my living room. There’s no hesitation, no internal debate, and no going back to sleep and keep dreaming. If you want to make your dream a reality, your true dream, you need to be up pursuing it before work hours, and you need to be up pursuing it long after the last light has been turned out in your neighborhood.