How to Spin Negativity into Something Positive


We’re all familiar with such feelings of negativity. Our boss is freaking out at work because numbers aren’t where they need to be, we’re stressing about making rent and covering bills, and we’re unsure if we’re embarking on the correct path.
If this describes you, stress may be so far through the roof your mental health may be on a destructive path. Of course, you see others around you in a similar boat and all they know how to do is complain. Worse yet, they point the fingers at everyone and always fail to address and fix the problem.
First off, you’re not the problem, and neither is society. In fact, no one in society knows your name. You’re also not the problem because your priorities may’ve changed somewhere along the line. If you find yourself pursuing your passion or even thinking of your passion while on the timeclock, your inner-timeclock has already begun—no, your career in doing what you’ve always wanted has begun.
Pat yourself on the back, because you realized the problem. You don’t want to be in this situation, but you’d love to be in another situation, a situation where those you look up to are in. Such situations involve being known in a field, or simply taking a part in the same field. Something gravitated you toward your current field of play, but the inner-psychological realm in you has always craved something else, only you didn’t realize it until recently.
But, the stress. The stress of being in a certain field (your current field) with the amount of experience you’ve attained means you made the wrong choice and what you’re dreaming of is full of pipes, right?
Wrong, wrong, and wrong!
Do you realize how many people have gone through the same stress as you, conquered it, rewired their brain and their life?
It’s why I’ve always admired Sylvester Stallone, a man who was so desperate for money he’d play parts in X rated movies just to make rent before getting evicted altogether and sleeping for three weeks in a bus station. What happened next is history, and today Stallone is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood.
What did Stallone do?
He embraced the chaos and the stress of his eviction and spun it into something positive, and you can, too. The beauty of life is despite the number of curveballs being thrown at us, we can always, if we have the desire, rise to any challenge we face, go above and beyond, and win the war.
We can and will win the war, and I can guarantee that you’re going to win any war that tries to bring you down.
We’re all winners in life and we need to remember our passions and what we hold dear to our heart and soul. We need to never forget the child that resides in all of us that loved (enter passion here) and wanted to be (enter dream occupation here) when they grew up.
Take a moment and reflect what you wanted when you were young. What caused your stomach to squirm with excitement? Where were you happiest? What made you excited to do day in and day out?
If you take the time and give honest answers to the above questions they’re going to give you a nice avenue from which to work. You’ll find your passion right where you left it, and another guarantee I’ll make is when you take the time to pursue it you’re going to be one thousand times better off than you were yesterday.
Things may go wrong at work, and things may go wrong in life, but the stress relief involves working toward something that makes you happy and satisfies you. For example, when I’m working out or writing, everything around me ceases to exist and nothing matters. The rent, bills, and any stressor evaporates. When I’m working out, writing, or even editing, I’m free.
Take my advice, because when you’re actively pursuing your passion and putting forth one-hundred and ten percent effort, you’re going to be free, too.