Break Down the Barriers of Fear and Trust the Process

Many of us hesitate to pursue our passion out of fear. Fear of failure, of what our friends might think, or of the patience and process it takes to generate success. Many times, our passions will go unnoticed by many until something drastic happens, which may take years to accomplish.
Life is a rare gift, just think how many potential souls were never born. You won the Lottery of Life at conception which means you have a good reason for being here. It’s amazing, if you really sit down and think about it.
Okay, the fact you’re already here and breathing means you’re a winner. Now, since you’ve already won one of the greatest and rarest gifts, the Gift of Life itself, it’s time to remember your initial calling.
What did you want to do back when you were in grade school and middle school?
What were your passions early in life?
Answer the above questions and go back to a once lost time and remember how such passions made you feel. If they made you feel at ease, unique, and happier than you’ve ever been at any point in your life sans a spouse and kids, you and I both know what you need to do. If you feel lost in life or feel as if your purpose has gone to the wayside, again, you and I both know what you need to do.


Barriers to Entry

The cool thing about working as a personal trainer is I can bring out the best in anyone, not only in fitness, but in life. But, there are obstacles facing every soul I come across, and this is prevalent in the world of fitness.
Look at the obesity epidemic in America and you can already see the issue arising. People are out of shape and trust me, many want to get in shape. Many of us want to be in shape not just for health reasons, but for reasons that go beyond the scope of health. We want to be in shape because, let’s face it, for reasons of vanity. We want to look good.
How does this correlate to pursuing our passion and fear?
Well, look at how many people want to pursue something, but the first thing they see is a wall of barriers staring back at them. They’re not free, but they’re not free because one person is holding them back: themselves.
At the end of the day, we hold ourselves back. Some may point to their children and say they have about one million commitments to them. That’s great, but I know many successful people who do this and use their children’s existence as motivation to make a better life for them. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Other barriers, such as the day job itself, may be what’s stopping them from pursuing their passion and reaching their goals. But if one isn’t happy about their day job, be it unfulfilling, unrewarding, or a dead-end, shouldn’t this be motivation?
This barrier brings me to yet another barrier we might see: Time. But, Arnold Schwarzenegger once said we need to sleep no more than six hours per night. The most successful people in life sleep six hours a night or fewer. This gives us more than eighteen hours a day. If we have twelve hours of work and other commitment, we still have six hours. If we have fourteen hours, we have four. Add it up, and you’ll have twenty-eight to forty-two hours per week to pursue what you’ve always wanted.



Others fear retaliation from family, friends, peers, co-workers, etc. They may make their intentions known, but in the process, what may happen is at the first roadblock or two, those around them may see one pursuing their dream as failing.
Look, failure is the name of the game. Okay, Brett Favre threw a grand total of four passes his rookie season, two of which for completions…to the other team. Mike Piazza? A sixty-second-round pick in Major League Baseball. Tom Brady, the Greatest of All Time? Fell to the sixth round in the 2000 NFL Draft. Failure is going to happen, and it’s going to happen a few times. In fact, early on, it’s going to happen more than success.

Chuck Noll went 6-19 in his first two seasons coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 coaching the Cowboys, and Bill Walsh went 2-14 his first year with the San Francisco 49ers. All four coaches went on to become arguably the best of all-time. The New England Patriots, arguably the greatest dynasty of all-time, were the NFL’s laughingstock to the point the team nearly bailed for St. Louis in the early nineties. All these failures became successes.
Don’t worry about retaliation from anyone. These things, going on behind the scenes, are what ninety-nine percent of people fail to see. Don’t worry about them and find those on the same mission as you. Winning in the Game of Life might mean a revolving door of different people until success is reached.
The key of this article is to conquer your fear and embrace chaos. Break down the barriers and stop listening to the naysayers. Your life is a special one because you defeated the odds at conception. We have one life to live, and we will perish someday, but we’re the lucky ones. Most people will never die because most people are never going to be born. You were born, you won the Lottery of Life. You owe it to yourself to be something more than what you or others think you could be.