Time is Passion

My Freedom Flame

We all have heard the old mantra ‘Time is Money,’ and for the greedy type, it is. However, for those of us who put passion before all else, Time is Passion.
What if I told you passion creates cash?
What if I told you those telling you Time is Money are only doing so to get you to fuel their own interests?
Sure, I understand we must make enough money to live, but if this is the ultimate case, we should make our livings worth our while.

The $15 per Hour Demand

We’ve all heard the new cliché people can’t live off $8 per hour and those working in such low skill jobs deserve a pay raise.
I say different. No one deserves a pay raise working in the low-value service industry.
Instead, they should turn demands into motivation to move on and up in their career. No one is…

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