It’s Something Worth Fighting For

I see misery in the world day by day. Such misery can originate anywhere. It can be the weather, one’s current job situation, bills, rent, etc. something causes misery.
But, isn’t life a journey of trials and tribulations, with the end goal for all of us to become free and prosperous?
How do we become free from the restraints of the world? I believe we see this in books, where the main character is thrust into terrible trouble, which marks the beginning of a unique journey where such characters meet likeminded allies on the way toward an end goal.
Or, perhaps the hero’s journey is more appropriate? My own trilogy manuscript, Age of Columbia, is loosely based off this concept, where my hero is an ignorant college athlete, until something greater come along.
I know many of us may be in dire straits, but it’s okay, because such situations never last, and it’s something we must believe will come to pass in such a dark tunnel which leads us to our destination. We enter a tunnel for the first time and it’s pitch black, frightening, in a sense, with zero light ahead.
However, all tunnels contain an endpoint, at which lies a light brighter than the one they left behind. Such light at the end of a tunnel, as the old cliché words it, leads the hero (which can be ourselves in our own life, brings upon a triumph much greater than the trials that came to pass when we were alone in the dark.
So, is the unique journey worth fighting for?
Oh, absolutely, it is.
The issue is many may enter a tunnel and freeze at one point or another, never to leave the darkness to the point where Stockholm Syndrome begins its course. In other words, those freezing halfway through such tunnels become enslaved by something, as if a purgatory exists in the darkest depths, the wall, the halfway mark, something Dr. Seuss once dubbed “The Waiting Place.”
In some cases, you may find yourself alone in the struggle and in a scarier place. So, what do most people do?
Again, they freeze, this time latching onto the first living soul they can find to tell of their troubles, only to realize when it’s too late such hosts they’ve latched onto are the true parasites. Here, the journey ends.
However, for those of us who recognize the struggle before the true struggle begins and watches closely for the signs and symptoms of such toxins along the way, we can evade, break through, and work around such catastrophe.
Many of you will go the correct way and scope out what is and what isn’t good for you. Some of us may’ve fallen into such trap, but before Stockholm Syndrome takes its course, will find the problem and utilize the solution to evade such problems.
It comes down to a temporary feeling of gratitude followed by the pain of regret versus the pain of discipline followed by a near-eternal feeling of gratitude. Recognize the signs and symptoms of the toxins that may threaten your elvenpath to a better, happier, and more prosperous life for yourself. You’ll feel better, happier, and at day’s end, everything you’ve ever wished and worked for will come true.