How Bills, Life’s Curveballs, and Uncertainty Evaporate

Call me crazy, but when you’re on the passion journey and take the rough route, what if I told you that you can minimize stress?
Okay, so I have your attention.
Great, because when we’re on the journey to pursue passion, our stress is going to go through the roof with uncertainty at times.
Because by taking the road less traveled, we’re going on a journey to find what we truly desire in life, away from the constant stress at a day job, the demands of employers, and the uncertainty of continuing your current path.
Although the road less traveled is a tough one, it’s rewarding, and the journey there is fun, too.


Embark on a Journey

Okay, so if you’re like me and are building a writing platform the immediate investments aren’t going to pay a single cent early on. In fact, they’re going to be few and far in between opportunities.
This journey isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s for the warrior who knows how to deal with uncertainty, look it in the eyes, laugh at it, and continue to move forward.
Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone once said it doesn’t matter how hard you hit in life, it’s how hard you get hit, get up, and keep moving forward.
If you’ve ever read Stallone’s story, he’s the epitome of an individual everyman or everywoman looking to find greener grass on the other side of the fence. The guy’s story is inspiring and anyone looking to embark on the journey of true passion pursuit should read about it.


But, the Uncertainty

Oh, people will let you know how crazy you’ve become, trust me. You’re going to see their fifty-thousand-dollar salaries, job benefits, retirement benefits, and anything else their career may bring.
But are they in love with their work?
Do they control their work or does their work control them?
Sure, vacations may provide temporary relief, but stress is going to cause more harm than good, so watch out for that.


A Word on Stress

Sure, we may be stressed. In fact, we will be stressed, but we have something going for us few do, and it’s that we’re pursuing a passion that makes us happy.
I once said that when I’m writing my trilogy, Age of Columbia, nothing else exists except my characters and my plot. How I’m going to make rent, what I’m going to eat, my current work situation, all of it doesn’t matter. When I write, I’m free, and while the stress and uncertainty persist, they’re temporarily evicted from my life.
And as always, keep jetting out positive vibes, even when the air is heavy of negativity. Continue to process such vibes, cut the stress to the bone by waking up an hour before everyone else and going to bed an hour after everyone else by staying up and doing what you love.
Keep living and keep fighting the worthy fight. One day, you’re going to see a breakthrough and the stress, uncertainty, and curveballs were well worth the cost. You’re going to be free one day.