The Individual-Minded Career Model

Why Those who Pursue Passion are True Capitalists

We live in a world based off the premises of lies and are brainwashed into believing capitalism is evil. Well, in a sense the capitalism we’re exposed to is evil but what if I told you what we learn to be capitalism isn’t true capitalism?
Now that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box regarding our crony structure of capitalism here in the United States, I’m going to give a quick rundown on why those of us pursuing our passion are true capitalists.


Real Capitalism

What is real capitalism? Real capitalism is when one goes into business for themselves in their niche. So, if your passion is writing, your career goal may be to make a primary income off doing what you love: writing.
Note that no one is being oppressed by the elite class, governments, bankers, or anyone of the sort. This is because you went into business for one person: yourself. Now, you may outsource different things like publishing, editing, book cover design, etc. but the primary income source will come from your writing.


Individualism versus Corporatism

Okay, so if my take on real capitalism is what I just jotted down, what can we classify American society into? I call it two things: crony capitalism and/or corporate socialism.
Well, think about how much corporations are involved in government today disguised as interest groups. They’re the power seekers so they naturally go to whomever holds the power.
How are the corporations in power?
They lobby the government for more regulation which leads to higher costs of production but since many corporations outsource overseas, it deters competition in the United States. Higher government regulation hurts whom? Small business and the consumer, because more free market competition means…drumroll…lower prices because there is more supply in the marketplace.
What else deters free market competition in the United States? What about higher barriers to entry? We already have higher costs of production due to regulation, so that’s already one barrier to entry. But getting a business license, approval, meeting certain codes, and all that “good” stuff designed for our “safety and well-being” does the opposite as it forces small or start-up businesses to pay outrageous costs and they’ll never succeed because of the corporate ties with the government, who lie to us when they say they’re here to regulate corporation.



The above is one of many examples on the way governments team with corporations to hurt the producers and the consumers alike.
Luckily, there are few barriers to entry in the writing, research, philosophic, music, art, history, and other industries we may find passionate. The key for us is to build an audience and this can be done with sound social media strategies, blogging, and researching ways to drive traffic to your blog and websites.
Best yet, if you’re a libertarian-anarcho-capitalist such as myself, you can use your powers to expose government corruption within corporations and discover the truth regarding the true intentions of the elite class.
Use your passion and your powers wisely.


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