Eighteen Hours Will Make or Break Your Day

Saying you have a forty-hour a week job as the sole excuse to keep you from working toward your goals is invalid. Ditto if you work a fifty or even sixty-hour a week job. In fact, if you need to work a fifty to sixty-hour per week job, it’s likely you’re struggling to make ends meet.
So, why not use your downtime to work toward you own goals, especially if it’s a career we’re talking about?
Look, we have eighteen hours each day to make something of ourselves. Some may cry foul here and claim they need eight to ten hours of sleep before being able to function.

Nope, you need six hours if you want to get out of your current situation.
Let’s do the math. We have 168 hours in a week. There are 7 days in a week, so multiply this by 18. This gives you 126 hours. Now, if you work 40 hours, you’re down to 86, 76 for fifty-hours, and still 66 for sixty-hours. That’s a lot of downtime! Now I realize many may travel two hours a day while off the clock, but you’re still down to 52 hours at minimum.
The good news is you have at least fifty hours to put into your passion. I know we have chores that need done and food to eat, but let’s be honest; you aren’t going to spend more than twenty hours a week doing chores and eating. You still have 32 hours.
You have at least 32 hours a week minimum to pursue your passion. Some of us have 60 to 70.
Why aren’t you doing so? If you’re at the higher end of the spectrum, I’m really questioning you.
So, it’s time to put down the remote and sacrifice a night or two of going out with your friends and really hold yourself accountable. If you have a hard time doing so, I suggest you find a likeminded individual, so you can keep each other accountable. This may actually play in your favor, as it never hurts to have two people instead of one.
If you find yourself craving to watch television or surfing the internet, you might want to give up cable and home internet (it’s not that bad). This becomes a blessing later on in life, to be honest as I’ve done this at my apartment and only have internet access at my day job or when I go to my parents.
You need to find what motivates you. We have our motives, so what it is that motivates you to perform beyond the best of your previously believed capabilities? We all have that something.
After you find your accountability partner, turned off the distractions, and found your motives, it’s time to get to work. Spread your wings and find your niche in the world. What is it that makes you who you are? Find it, pursue it, and live it.
My last bit of advice is to turn your passion into a daily habit. Pick a timeslot, morning, evening, afternoon, night, whatever time suits you, and make sure you don’t schedule anything else in these timeslots. These are the times you’re going to use to pursue your passion.