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How to Maximize your Passion

School Won’t Teach you This

Maximizing our passion is something they didn’t teach us in school. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, public schools are nothing more than state-run political prisons that teach conformity and submissiveness to bureaucrats.
Today, I’m going to share some techniques I’ve used to research my passion for writing and how it can help you find your niche if public school did its job and conditioned you to believe you had to report to a government, union, or corporation after thirteen years’ indoctrination.


Rule Number One: Use your Downtime Wisely

What is downtime? Downtime is when you have free time throughout the morning, afternoon, or evening. When you aren’t working your day job, you have downtime. So, use it wisely. If you want to succeed and stop dreading Monday and waiting for Friday, you need to use this time to pursue your passion. It’s time to read, research, and get proactive in doing what you want for a living. Depending on how bad you want it, using your downtime to enhance your skills to help sell your passion will make a difference in your own personal success.


Rule Number Two: Saturday Night Outings and Happy Hour no longer exist

There’s this old rule in the United States Marine Corps that recruits must never use first-person to describe themselves or anyone around them. Well, there’s an old rule in life that states if you want something bad enough, you better be willing to make sacrifices. Rule Number Two is an extension of Rule Number One: Use your downtime wisely, but this time, we’re creating downtime. Again, when you’re out on a Saturday night or at Happy Hour with fellow sheep we call co-workers, you’re not using your downtime properly. Do you want to keep dreading Monday morning coming to you in fewer than sixty hours when Friday night hits? Do you want to be ‘That Guy’ in The Waiting Place just waiting around for Friday night? Well, feel free to party with your friends. Do you want to look back on your past with satisfaction, proud of what you’ve accomplished? You better start sacrificing this time.



Rule Number Three: You’re Never an Expert

I don’t care how long you’ve been pursuing your passion, but if you fail to remain a student and quit learning, you’re not going to be successful long. There are thirty-two first round draft picks in the NFL each year and at least half fail to live to expectations. Those who do are typically the coachable players. Be coachable and always strive to learn. Never assume you’re the expert, even if you possess a Doctorate Degree on the subject.


Rule Number Four: Find Likeminded People

Do your friends like you or do they only hang with you because you’re hitting up every bar in the strip district on a Friday and/or Saturday night? If so, dump them and find new friends. You know that geek you made fun of in the conformist camp called school, but deep down the two of you had mutual interests but fitting it was more important at the time? You might want to make amends with them as you two can bounce ideas off one another. If your friends don’t like it they can find someone else to hang with.

Rule Number Five: Find a Mentor

This may be tough because if you don’t know anyone personally, you may get stuck. Luckily, we live in a technologically sound society, so the internet may be your greatest ally. Find someone out there who has accomplished what you want to accomplish. Even if your only source is online, it’s better than blindly pursuing something and hoping you’re right. Find the mentor right now.

There you have it, my five rules on how to research your passion. If you didn’t think you had time before, you have a lot of time now. It’s all about opportunity cost, meaning it’s about sacrificing your time for one activity in favor of another. Be wise and always know what’s best for you and your future.


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