Why Blind Conformity isn’t Worth it

I’ll be twenty-seven on April 27th and I’ve never done the following things:
• Been on vacation since 2006 (age 15)
• Smoked weed or did any type of recreational drug (though I’m for its legality)
• Had a girlfriend (I bide my time)
• Been to a bar in three years (last time was July 2015)
• Deviated from my end goals
Now, many people will succumb somewhere between eighteen and thirty because they believe they must fall in line with society if they have any hopes of leading a successful life.

Successful Life?

Look, getting married, having kids, a full-time job where you make a lot of money for someone else and help them pursue their dreams while getting bribed with compensation and benefits isn’t considered success. These people also think it’s successful when their children earn good grades at state-run political prisons disguised as public schools where they’ll learn to recall one side of one story until the point of cognitive dissonance after thirteen years’ indoctrination.
Are you preparing your children for success or are you preparing them for this never-ending wheel of mediocrity?


Another Way?

I, like most of you, realize something, and this something is there has to be another way. Well, there is and us voyagers have seen to and are grateful for this other way.
But how do we get here, since ninety-nine percent of our parents and one-hundred percent of our public schools refuse to point us in the direction we need to go? We conduct our own research, as my previous post entails. After a few months of re-educating ourselves, we find our niche has “laid beyond the public schooling system,” and perhaps many of us have known this fact.


Wolves are better than Sheep

Be a wolf, not a sheep. Be proactive, not reactive. Be an innovator, not an imitator. Be what you know you can be, and for most of us it doesn’t involve submitting to the bureaucracy of a company or government by carrying out their every last wish.
No, our goals and desires lay far beyond the Great Eastern Sea, where water meets sky. If we’re not taught these by sitting in a classroom being cognitively conditioned to move at the sound of a bell, to talk when permitted, and to stand in line like prisoners, we’re going to teach ourselves and probably call out the public schooling system that does nothing more than hold certain kids back from reaching their potential as many of us have seen during our school years.
Find your niche and if you didn’t learn it in school, remember there is still time to find it. This will take some research and it will take time, while those around you may be working full-time jobs, be in relationships, have kids, the whole “Middle Class America” thing down to a T and you may be tempted to surrender, don’t give into temptation.
You already decided to be unique and stand out from the conformist sheep. Do yourself a favor and continue this uphill climb, for I’ve heard the scenery is beautiful at the apex. Just watch out for those apex predators, they’re everywhere and will try to bring you down. Rise above them.