Why Public Schools Teach you to Conform

I believe having the discipline to go out and build your own brand via self-employment in the long-run is a direct component of libertarianism. With it, we’re not going to rely on corporations, employers, companies, governments, unions, or a combination thereof to take care of us. But schools teach us different.
What do schools really show us? Schools, especially public schools, which I’ve had the unfortunate experience of attending, shows us one thing: conformity to a higher bureaucratic power.
Think about the last time a public school prepared you for life. Did they show you how to think critically, or just to recall information they taught you? Did they teach you a second side to any argument, or only the argument the state-approved agenda wanted you to know? Were you forced to submit and obey to their authority? I’m going to guess you were, as in schools, we’re cognitively conditioned to talk when permitted, stand in a lunch line or any line for that matter resembling prisoners in a penitentiary, and move only when a bell permits us to do so.
Does school prepare us for a life of self-reliance and liberty or a life of dependency?
I remember my sixth-grade teacher telling us the only point of school was to prepare us for a job. In such a job, we would be submissive to our employers, our direct managers, and the dreams and ambitions of the company or government entity we represented, and nothing more. We were to make just enough of a living to pay the bills, taxes, retire, and die.
And people fall for this, the masses, day in and day out. Our state-run public school prison system will train you to repeat information over thirteen years, generating dependency on either the government or a large employer, depending if you choose public or private sector, to take care of you via a bribe they call compensation, benefits to take care of your family, and a retirement plan so you can die with a few dollars and they’ll tax the inheritance you leave your next of kin.
Which is why I created My Freedom Flame in the first place. This blog is, indeed, a libertarian-based blog where I preach self-education. Since our public schooling system doesn’t show us how to create and monetize a blog, build a brand, find your niche, and get paid to change the world, I’m in process of doing the work for anyone who comes across my blog.
My journey has only just begun, and I’m sure many of you may be sick and tired of going to the same job day in and day out, for years, perhaps. Either the job isn’t what you’ve been wishing to do when you were young or it’s dead-end, or flat-out boring, you want to find another way.
There are plenty of people like you and I encourage you to do a few things each day. One, research what you love. What’s your passion? What would make you want to wake up as if every day is Christmas morning, to the point to where you can’t wait to get to work? That’s your niche.
What? You can’t do this because there’s no money involved? Maybe there is money involved, but it’s going to take time to build an audience. Well, you need to research this. I’m in process of building my writer’s platform, so I spent months researching the topic before I started building it back in early February of this year.
I want you to know anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Never allow the public schooling system, who in many cases picks and chooses winners and losers of society by favoring the well-off kids and forgetting the common kids.
Research brand building. Research how to get your name out there in a field important to you. Take notes and dedicate an hour or two per day to research your passion and how to monetize it. In time, and if you put the necessary work into it, you’ll be fulfilling your dream, and not someone else’s.