How to Sleep Satisfied Each Night

You know the old adage they use to leave it all on the field? Well, take the message and run with it, because we’re going to leave it all in your passion. Whatever it is you’re looking to pursue, set daily goals and give yourself a worklist each day. You’re going to accomplish such a list of tasks daily to go to bed satisfied.
Now, I know we all have day jobs, but it doesn’t mean the day job’s tasks are any more important than our own. We’re going to make such tasks of equal importance. Yes, I realize we need to be put food on the table, pay bills, loans, and the works, but the passion we’re pursuing must be equal to our day job, and I don’t care what the rest of the world says.
So, as a writer, how do I keep myself on form each day? It’s all about dividing my time. For instance, say I have a crazy busy work day, as tomorrow will hold.
I’m waking up at six after going to bed at midnight, giving my body six hours to recover. If you need more sleep, I suggest you sleep faster, as the successful people sleep somewhere between four and six hours a night.
I have to be at work by ten, so I’m going to write for an hour and get ready for work. I’ll be working from eleven to one before I take over the office from one until six. In the office, I’ll focus on my day job, but my tasks are still important. So, I’ll be getting a workout it somewhere between these two hours, before doing some of my office work, which will take another two hours.
From three until five, I can embark on two more hours of my own tasks, whether it’s some research, more writing, or even penning this blog. From five to six I’ll clean the gym for an hour before teaching a class and heading home. Give me one more workout, dinner, and it’s another hour of writing, editing, etc. So, my whole day is planned before I even go to sleep tonight, fourteen hours beforehand.
What you need to do is plan tomorrow today. It takes about fifteen minutes of your time. Your next task is to stick to your schedule and don’t give into temptation or the well-wishes of others. If you’re slated to work your day job from nine to five, it’s nine to five, no overtime or covering someone else’s shifts. Your time for pursuing passion is your sacred time and no one has the right to take it from you.
Remember to have fun with what you’re doing. Even my political rants on my personal Facebook page are fun and I have a blast reading the (sometimes rude) comments. Remember your purpose for doing what you’re doing and why you got started in the first place. Remember your roots and always help others who have the same end goal in mind as you. Motivate others to pursue their passion and achieve their goals.
We live in a society today where we’re conditioned from a young age to know where we stand in a bureaucracy. From grade school onward, we and our children are subject to answering to bells, standing in single-file line, talking when permitted, and waiting in long lines for our lunches. We’re taught to answer to our bosses (the teachers) and the elite (principals) and to always obey authority and never question it.
I say different, and I’m a huge advocate for all of us with the courage to pursue our passion while learning how to create a platform, stir an online presence via social media and other outlets, and build a sound business network with other businesses whom you can outsource some of your work to. Together, we can build a dynasty away from the overreaching eyes of Big Brother.