Why Trials and Tribulations are Blessings

When you embark on the road less traveled you’re going to gain strength you never knew you were capable of. This road less traveled is going to test you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as I’ve stated in a previous post. No, the road less traveled will lead you to a destiny few choose to travel, but those who make it will be overcome with elation.
You’re going to embark down a road and leave many in the dust without realizing it. We don’t mean this, and we definitely don’t mean harm, but it’s going to happen. People you were once close to will feel jilted, slighted, and neglected. You’re going to test your family’s patience, and many will wonder why you can’t get into a ‘real job’ with a decent pay, benefits, retirement plan, and the works.
In the short-term, you’re not going to gain respect, perhaps not even from yourself. It’s going to be tough and you will be up many nights wondering what exactly it is you’re doing and why you chose a path where many may not finish. You’re going to question yourself and dread about a day which hasn’t happened yet: a day where you may need to get a real job.
Now, for the good news.
You’re going to be tested like you’ve never been tested in the past, but you’re going to get stronger each day. For each day you last, you gain a little bit of strength. For each week you last, you’re seven times stronger than you were the previous week. For each day you complete each task you set for yourself, you gain a sense of accomplishment and can’t wait to wake up the next morning and complete another task, then another, and another.
And pretty soon, you’re going to inspire a first follower. You’re going to have a fan out there among the billions of people living in the ‘civilized world.’ Once you gain your first follower, this follower will be reading your articles and sharing your content with others. They’re going to be taking your motivational quotes to heart and will share them with others. People will ask them who you are, and this follower will show them.
You’re going to gain another follower, and more as time goes on, but you must remain progressive. Soon, the numbers will be good enough to where you’ll show those who were once close to you your progress and what will happen when you fully dedicate yourself to a craft.
Finally, you’re going to inspire some local people who want to be like you and they’re going to rally behind you. They’re going to preach your message on how you got to where you are.
But, it all starts with the decision to take this path. If you made the decision, you did the right thing. I don’t care what mom and dad say, I don’t care what your extended family says, and I don’t care what your friends, close friends, girlfriends, or boyfriends say, you did the right thing. In fact, I don’t care if your whole social network throws you out of their inner circle; you did the right thing.
Where do you go from here? You continue honing your craft, and you continue to inspire others in positions you were once in. Is my journey anywhere near over? Of course not! But, I may be ahead of some, and still behind many. So, I like to use my posts to inspire others to take the first step as I once did and work tirelessly to their goal while drawing inspiration from those who have done it.
My advice to you: Look up, never let up, and never give up.