Our Voices Deserve to be Heard

I believe writers get into this great field because they have a voice that speaks loudest through penning or typing words. Sure, we have our activists, our speakers, and our hybrids, but us writers pen our opinions day in and day out in hopes of us too having our voice heard.
Us writers are visionaries and we have a passion for voicing change when we see something wrong. We love to point out the problem and write about ways of solving them. Some of the greatest authors of all time had a vision for what they wished to see in the world. They voiced change, and they did so through books. People picked up and read these books and ideas spread.
Today, we have the internet with blogs, social media, and other ways of streaming our views on numerous issues. And hey, we’re entertaining, informing, and persuading minds. We have such passion for what we do it comes before our day job. In fact, it’s no secret that we want writing to be our day job, so we can make a living off spreading our message.
And it’s why we need to pursue our passion for writing daily. My libertarian views may differ from the right-wing conservative or the left-wing liberal, but the fact we live in a country where we can voice our views and state why we believe in them is what makes us free.
Take advantage of your craft and get a little better each day at what you do. Read, research, and write. When you do this, your knowledge, curiosity, and passion sharpen.
So, what can you do enhance your writing to spread your message throughout the world?
I love reading, and from what I read inspires me to share content via Facebook, among others. Read books and articles relevant to a topic important to you. I love checking into Mises.org, Ron Paul Liberty Report, Ron Paul Institute, and of course, reading posts from Senator Rand Paul. Always read to formulate your argument and reinforce your view. Some of us like to go informative and use our sources to inform our followers while those who love fiction (like myself!) use our sources to begin a story.
For me and my manuscript trilogy, Age of Columbia, I do just this regarding libertarianism in a contemporary fantasy atmosphere. Sure, Age of Columbia is a crossover of a few of my favorite books, TV series, and movies, but the overall theme contains libertarian politics and Constitutionalism.
Whatever your purpose for writing, it’s important to remember every single article, blog, or post you make brings you one step closer to changing the world. You may even plant the seeds to begin a movement and the activists can take over and you might even join them! Your possibilities are endless, and I believe we all wish to make writing our primary means of living in the future.
The sweet thing is anything we deem important and write about, we’ll eventually become experts in. Once again, I’ll cite libertarianism. Back in 2011 when I first Googled Ron Paul I didn’t have the slightest clue libertarianism existed; I thought one was either Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Fast forward to 2018, and the passion has become so much to the point my personal Facebook is full of posts relevant to libertarian politics and I must listen to Ron Paul each day.
For you, make it a habit to read about the issues most important to you. We all have issues we find important and want to know more about. We all want to become experts in our craft and we all want to tell others about our findings. Read, research, and enjoy the process. Soon, you’ll be the expert in the field and people will be flocking to you for advice. Enjoy!