The Ideal Time for Pursuing your Passion


Whether your weekend is in a traditional or non-traditional sense, it’s the ideal time for pursuing your passion. Weekends tend to be a time for the masses to unwind, relax, or conduct work like cleaning and gardening, but for us, we have something more to attend. Our passion must be at the top of our list.

What are things you can do as you pursue your goal on the weekend? Your first lesson is to wakeup before everyone else and forget about sleeping in. Arnold once said if you need more than six hours sleep, you must sleep faster, because we’re not the average, typical type of human being. We’re the wolves, not the sheep. It’s time to awaken at five in the morning, even on Saturday and Sunday.

Another thing you need to do is put in a few hours’ work the previous evening and this morning. For instance, I spent five hours from last night into this morning editing the second book in my trilogy manuscript, Age of Columbia. The TV is unplugged, and I don’t give myself the luxury of having internet in my apartment, so I can get the necessary work in. Your passion must be top priority, even before a weekend cleaning spree.

Carve out time in the morning and evening to pursue passion. We’re not going to put a nice amount of work in during the morning hours and have a blast on Saturday night. If your passion is important to you, opportunity cost must be made. Yours is going to entail sacrificing most Saturday nights in favor of pursuit.

Let’s face it. Most people put on a negative outlook and it’s because they’re truly miserable.


They stand on the sidelines while the hallowed few around them are doing what they wanted in life. The reasoning behind this is simple: the hallowed few decided to put their passion first and sacrifice anything they had so they could achieve their goal. The miserable, stressed crowd didn’t, perhaps putting in 80-90% effort.

If you want to achieve your ultimate goals, working on your passion whenever you feel like it won’t cut it. There needs to be a 110% effort every single time you get a minute.
Or, some see the obstacles and back off. Others may reach the obstacles but when they realize the harshness of some of these obstacles, give up. The strongest will survive. It’s survival of the fittest and those who truly want it will find a way over the obstacles; there’s not getting around them. There are no shortcuts.

The good news is if you’re willing to take the necessary steps, learn from your mistakes, and sustain some bumps and bruises, you too can emerge victorious on the other side. It doesn’t matter how long it takes if we get there in the end.

Some cool strategies to use if you’re struggling to find motivation is to look at your current situation. Even if you’re working a good job with a decent salary and benefits, your satisfaction will be the most important element in this game. You need to understand that even if you’re making $80,000 per year, if you’re not where you want to be, it’s not going to matter.

I’ve known people making an awesome salary who are miserable, and if you’re in this crowd, it’s time to change fields. I’m not saying to do this immediately, as it would be destructive, but I am saying to begin looking at your weekend from a new perspective. The sweet thing is the monetary compensation will come, but it’s going to reflect how much effort we’ve put forth in us wanting to make a living from doing what we truly want. And the biggest kicker is, we’re making money for ourselves, not someone else and fulfilling their dreams.