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Why You Must Preach Your Message at all Costs


If you love to write your opinions, you need to preach your message at all costs. When I say this, I mean you need to deviate yourself from societal conformity and forget about what all naysayers will say about you. We need to ignore them if we wish to succeed in pursuing our passion.
I know many of us work and we’re expected to conduct ourselves in a certain manner but when we’re off the clock, the time is ours and any company you work for must respect it. The truth is many companies have policies against displaying their logos on apparel when outside of work, such as no going out in your work uniform. When you’re off the clock, it’s your choice, though I will question why anyone would want to go out somewhere in their work uniform!
If spreading a message is your passion, it’s yours to spread and it must be respected. Our messages may include human, animal, and equal rights for all. Or, for someone such as myself, libertarianism and government accountability peak my interest. I like to use my personal Facebook to spread such messages and in turn, my friends share and spread what I create. Again, some companies may find it “unprofessional” of what you put on your personal social media accounts, but you own these accounts and these companies don’t own you and it must be respected.
Many are afraid or hesitant to speak their views in a public setting due to potential backlash and bridge burning from those closest to them, potential loss of job, and reputation. I’m here to tell you not to worry about any of the above. If you preach your message with passion, you’ll gain a platform and people will follow.
Those of us who write live by these words, because our writing is a direct passion of ours. We need to pen things down and get the word out to others because we believe such issues to be of utmost importance and we should think this way.
I love using MyFreedomFlame to motivate you to pursue your passion regardless of the cost. I want you to stop being a drone to society who makes someone else a lot of money while you get a marginal compensation for completing the dirty work. I’m a big believer in the belief that we are our own god and we are the universe, and our chosen deities (mine being from the Old Religion) experience the world and the universe through our own experiences. In other words, you’re here on this Earth for a reason greater than paying taxes, laboring for a large corporation or the government, and dying.
People are afraid to speak out on issues because they overthink what may come of them in the short-term. Those at work may hate your message and terminate you. Your family may snap and avoid you like the plague. A host of things can go wrong, and they may do so, but if you believe in your message and never deviate from what you wish to experience in life, the great news is your situation will get better. In fact, I’ll guarantee it.
The great thing about our society being interconnected at an international level is that there are groups of people out there for everyone. Somewhere, someone is preaching the same message you’re preaching. We have a few likeminded friends, both here and far away. These people are you allies.
For me, I’ll always appreciate my libertarian friends and those who believe in the message of true liberty without compromise. It’s my passion and it’s what I want to make into a living. It’s why I write and why I’ll always write and put my message before everything in life, something I never thought I’d ever say before.

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