I Have a Dream

I have a dream, those words made famous by Martin Luther King Jr. have taken on many meanings. I have a dream to see the world succeed, and each individual looking to pursue their passion to succeed.
For us writers, the ideas are endless, and we have the unique ability to create our opportunity. Through traditional and self-publishing, we can be novelists. When you’re a novelist you become an entrepreneur by marketing yourself, your message, and your brand.
These days I see too many people caving in and taking what they’re given by a private or public sector organization and they live to pay taxes, work for such organizations, and die. Many say these three things are all you’ll do in life, but I call each of these people out.
We’re worth more than paying taxes, working, and dying. Sure, perhaps the elite class wishes for us to do this and while many relegate themselves to such a role through cognitive conditioning, I’m here to say it doesn’t need to be this way. If you believe in yourself, your passion, and your message, it won’t be this way.
It’s good news.
You don’t need to be another drone to society who wakes up before the sun, goes to a job you’d rather be without, fight traffic, make a lot of money for the government or a corporation while receiving marginal compensation (even those making six-figures), going home, unwinding, and going to bed just to repeat the process the next day.
If you think getting awarded between two and four weeks’ vacation is living because the bosses are granting them to you, you’re mistaken. Ditto if you believe the way the world works is to be subject to superiors. We’re all human, therefore, we have zero superiors, whether such people are governments or your own employers.
We’re our own, unique self, and society has zero right to morph us into a drone. We each have a passion, talent, and desire to create an everlasting impact in the world. To me, it’s what makes writing a beautiful thing; us writers can draw inspiration from anything that peaks our interest and our passion to write something about our observances places us closer to spreading such a positive message.
One such positive message is to never settle and accept what is given to you by a superior class, that being either governments or corporations. Sure, compensation and benefits might be nice but the end of the day they can replace you at any given second. If you were to lose such a job the person on deck is waiting to take your job.
So, fulfill your dreams and rise above the status-quo cognitively ingrained in us since the first day we step inside a school and are taught one thing: conformity. Yet, every school misses one important, natural aspect of humankind; we’re all unique and conformity to a set of social standards contradicts human nature.
To write, spread our message, and pursue our passion in the face of conformists will slap them in the face, even if such conformists are friends and family. They won’t like the truths you speak, but for every annoyed family member, friend, or peer, there are going to be dozens of others who take your words and ride them to their successes.
These are the people who are worth speaking to. If friends and family condemn you and your message, don’t worry about it. They’re not worth the time and energy. Find the people who are willing to hear you out and preach to them. In the end, they’re the ones who truly appreciate you for who you are and the message you’re spreading.