Why you Need to Pursue Passion


Social media is such a double-edged sword. On one end, you have those preaching motivational quotes and messages while you see others, some of them younger than you, doing things and succeeding in ways you wish you could.
Well, as the old saying goes, “It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish.”
There are forty drivers in NASCAR each weekend and one will win, but the driver starting in fortieth has as much a chance as the pole sitter.
In other words, it’s worth the struggle, because some goals take longer than others. But it’s worth the struggle, because you may be miserable now at your job, or even miserable with your life, but it’s possible to rewire the brain into thinking in a positive sense.
Any given negative can equal a positive and it’s something you must believe in. It’s a message you need to ingrain in your mind day in and day out, and I’m happy to help.
Sure, I’ve seen some success as a fitness trainer, something I wanted since high school, but I believe our true calling lies with what we wanted in middle or grade school.
What did you want to do when you grew up?
Well, I always had a love for learning, reading, research, and writing. This love was cast out of me when I saw it was only something outcasts did while being involved in anything physical was what it meant to be a man.
And in late 2014, I had the epiphany moment and started writing again, reading genres I liked, started posting my political views everywhere you looked, and didn’t care who saw or even the bridges I would certainly burn. I didn’t care what others, even family, thought of me.
Because I knew what I wanted.
So again, what did you want to do when you grew up?
Are you doing what you wanted?
Do you still have the desire to at least give it a shot?
Take the first step and do something that will take you in the direction you want to go. If you aren’t happy with your life working paycheck to paycheck, working at a dead-end job, or something similar, you can change. It’s never too late to change and become what you always wanted to be.
It’s going to be a struggle, but the struggle is worth it. The struggle is worth it because no one ever said building Rome, climbing Everest, or one day taking my Browns to the Super Bowl was going to be easy. But all three instances are (or in the Browns case, will be) worth it.
Life is all about tests, and the way we respond to such tests is what makes us who we are. When we’re plunged into terrible trouble immediately, we’re going to either sink or swim. When we choose to swim, we took the first step in becoming our best self.
I’m writing this article to motivate you to take the first step. If you’re afraid of what others think, don’t be. This is your life and not theirs. If you’re afraid you’re going to fail, I’ll be the first to tell you failure is a part of success, and failure will happen. But, we can always turn a failure into a success.
Life is a learning experience and pursuing our passion is the grandest learning experience next to learning the deepest secrets of the universe. So, like I tell my training clients, stop spinning your wheels for the last five, ten, fifteen years and get on with pursuing your passion.
Every day you walk into your job that you want to leave, it should be a key motivator to pursue something you’ve only dreamed of. Now’s your chance, take advantage of it, and your future self will be grateful.