Rise Above Conformity

People naturally fall in line because like when they were young, they wanted to be part of the cool, or popular group. Those of us choosing not to fall in line are like the school outcasts who were the weird kids, or something similar.


The Group Myth

So, people need to be accepted and to be part of the popular group makes them feel powerful. When Junior gets a full-time job with a decent salary, a spouse, a couple kids, a couple working cars, a house, job benefits, and a retirement plan, he’ll win respect of his family and everyone around him.
But these people can’t be more wrong. I’m talking about Junior, his family, and in-laws. Great, you’re part of the popular group. Now go ahead and toil away, pay your taxes, and die.
Because now that’s all you’re going to do.
Sure, you may be vocal in political campaigns, but both parties run rampant with authoritarianism, something me and my passion for writing is trying to change.
So, what’s one great way to change the current landscape?
Motivating people to pursue their passion, of course.


Parents Just Don’t Understand

See, pursuing passion allows us to voice our opinions and eventually put a price on it. For us writers, books, blogs, articles, and many other flows exist.
Sure, you may not win mom and dad’s respect over this because for one, mom and dad don’t have a clue about life other than falling in line with conformity unless you’re the son or daughter of a “cool parent” and when you lose respect of mom and dad, everyone else, friends, extended family, even co-workers and peers, are on notice.
People don’t like it when you’re up past midnight trying to perfect a manuscript and people most definitely don’t like it when you’re succeeding in pursuing your passion.


Positive Souls

But some people do like it.
These are the people you need to be friends with. Like you, they realize you’re going through growing pains of maintaining a day job while you attempt to turn your passion into something brilliant. And they know this doesn’t come easy, but it’s possible. It’s not going to come easy because it’s not going to pay right away, but in time it will.
Better yet, it’s going to pay, and your voice is going to be heard. your platform will take off and you’re going to be an inspiration to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. And you’re going to pay it forward by inspiring them to pursue their passion. Life and success needs to be about paying it forward.


You’re Reaching the Apex, Predator

Don’t look back and think what you could be doing for a living right here and now if you’re struggling. Bad times pass, and good times are on the horizon. In fact, if you continue to work hard at your own craft, you’re going to realize your own dreams, not someone else’s. You’re going to see yourself pay off the dividends in the long-run and you’re going to thank yourself for staying the course and not giving up.
It’s not about how much raw talent you have in your passion, it’s about how much heart you have to succeed and see it through. Many fail because they’re impatient or they see the odds stacked against them and scatter.
You’re unique, because you’ve already taken the first step in the success game. I urge you to continue this path because one day it’s going to pay off better than a secure job with benefits and a retirement pension at a company’s reliance ever will. They’re bribing you.

Reward yourself by seeing your own successes and dreams come alive.