Do you have what it takes to Pursue Passion?



Are you ready to go to a place many dare not dream of going when they reach their late teens or early twenties? Are you ready to take the difficult, less taken path while those around you receive a decent salary, health insurance and retirement benefits, and job security? Are you ready to work eight to ten hours a day in addition to your day job with zero pay? Are you ready to ignore the haters and naysayers that will come from all angles of your life, from family, friends, and peers? Are you ready to step out of the line of conformity and enter a world few are willing to go?


            If you answered yes to all my questions, you’re ready to pursue your passion. Pursuing passion can be a nightmare day in and day out in addition to being very rewarding when you reach the pinnacle of success. But, there are going to be roadblocks to and from. You’re going to be up before dawn and past midnight. You’re not going to see the fruits of your efforts pay off in the short-term, because there is a lot to be done to build the foundation.



The Challenge Ahead


            My passion is writing, and I’d love to make my libertarian message be heard to the world. I’m also aware I need to build a platform across many different social media outlets in addition to a blog and one day, an author website.


            When my platform is built, and my Age of Columbia trilogy is ready (Uprising being the first book), I’ll still need a nice email list, book promotion websites, hard copies for those like me who wish to turn the page rather than read behind a screen, local bookstores willing to sell the book, and numerous other ventures. Though Age of Columbia: Uprising is almost complete, the platform is still in the works but is building.



Patience is a Virtue


            Many like to get impatient and jump headfirst into this. It’s always a bad idea because we’re so excited to get our work into the mainstream that we expect others to believe in and buy our product.


            It doesn’t work this way. You need to do a lot of the legwork. If you’re an author, publishing companies expect this if you’re looking to go the traditional route. If you’re choosing to take the indie route as more authors appear to be doing these days, you’re still going to be doing much legwork.


            Yet, the risks and sacrifice will be worth it in the end. For one, you need to give yourself some recognition because most people will flame out. Most will take the salary (bribe) and benefits (a further bribe) and worship the company they work for while knowing wholeheartedly said company will replace them within thirty seconds in the face of potential catastrophe.



You Know You’re Unique, Right?


            But, you’re different. You see the benefits of falling in line with conformity and living by the “that’s the way it is” or you’re going to “pay taxes, work, and die” mantra of the weak-hearted. Hey, if you want to be this way, go right ahead.


            But if you’re reading this article, I’m betting you’re the type looking to make more of yourself than a nine to five or salaried slave to society. You realize there’s more to life than a paycheck and your existence means there’s an impact you need to make on the world. Not just on the small scale, but you have a message that must be heard for the masses to soak in.


            And maybe, just maybe, your own, personal success story after all the years of toil and sacrifice will inspire others. The pay it forward method is the most rewarding. We live in a society of mostly negative people, as I saw back in my old days working at Riesbecks Food Markets.


            We’re wiser and better than being enslaved to someone else making a small wage or salary while they make a lot more money off our labor. Some call this compensation, I call it legal bribery.