Don’t Publish Just Yet if you Want to Succeed


Okay, so we have the completed manuscript and we can’t wait to either send out to publishers or if you’re in the self-publishing arena (not much different these days), you can’t wait to upload to Draft2Digital, Smashwords, or Amazon Kindle.
But, don’t press that button just yet!


We Have Work to Do

You have a lot of work to do and it goes far beyond uploading a book or sending out to publishers or literary agents.
Riddle me this:
Have you proofread by at least two other sets of eyes?
Is the manuscript error-free?
Have you promoted your upcoming book?
Have you invested in a book cover if self-publishing?
Have you invested in book promotion?
Do you have a social media presence with a significant backing?
Are you on Goodreads?
Do people know what you stand for?
Are you just going ebook, or are you going to Print on Demand?
Have you conversed with local bookstores regarding your book?
Do you have a blog and if so, do you have a following?


What You Need to Do

Okay, so my first manuscript in my trilogy, Age of Columbia: Uprising, is very nearly complete. But, because my manuscript contains what I feel is a great plot, message, cover, and ideology, doesn’t mean it’s ready to hit the ebook stores or shelves at a local bookstore.
Far from it. I know we can’t wait to have our printed book in our hands or our ebook online, but if we want to succeed in this it must be done correct. For that, I advise you hold off on looking for a publisher, as they want marketing plans and a solid platform before you submit, or self-publishing, as you’re doing all the legwork.
The first thing all writers must have is a blog, preferably self-hosted via or a premium or business account on I’ve seen a few great free .wordpress sites, but much negativity can come of these, so I don’t recommend it. If you don’t have one, stop what you’re doing and get started on it right now.
Sure, having a great Facebook and Twitter helps, too. I have two Facebook accounts, one of which is my personal account where I talk about my political leanings, as Uprising is going to be full of them, and a professional account where I attract other writers and share my blog, But, social media isn’t the best way of marketing. You may have an awesome following, but how many in this following are going to be interested in your book genre?
Contrary to popular belief, there are still bookstores in existence that haven’t been swallowed by the nasty monster called Amazon. Fantastic, as local book promotion will help. Uprising actually contains a cool allegory that will be appealing to the people of Northeast Ohio and they’re one of the markets I’m targeting.
Moral of this article is to do your homework first and enjoy the journey. Don’t get hung up on quick fixes, as they rarely work both in the book world and in life.