A writer’s life is wild. We’re a unique group who are masters at observing and making mental notes on people, places, and things we come into contact with. Nothing is exempt from our wrath of wishing to acquire knowledge that may serve as the basis of our next manuscript, essay, blog, or social media post.
Oh, the opportunities are endless, and for each manuscript I’m working on, the places, people, and interests I’ve gauged over time have a special place. For instance, in Uprising, a village resembling my hometown serves as my setting. My main characters are based off those who are closest to me, and my interests of contemporary fantasy-dystopia, with a dash of steampunk, make up the world.
Combine such observations and you have quite a story.
But, how do we get to where we are today? How do our minds work in a different pattern than mainstream society?
We have triggers that temporarily steal our minds. We see the interesting person in the grocery store, and they’re the only other person who exists. We may be captivated by certain scenery or skylines, and they’re etched in our mind forever. Or, we may have a vivid dream or recurring dreams about something, something our subconscious cannot deviate.
Or, better yet, people we meet at work may have such distinct personalities they become characters in our novels, for the better or for worse. I’ll tell you right now that once Uprising hits the book market several already burning bridges may collapse into the river, while we hope and pray others pick up the book and connect the dots.
Hey, if you’re an INFJ like myself, you’ll hide hidden messages within a novel. Too shy to talk to a girl you like? Ah, make a character resembling her to a T in a manuscript, get it published, hope she reads it and connects the dots, and pray it fascinates her.
Hey, we INFJ’s, and writers in general, are dreamers, correct?
Of course, we’re dreamers. We write about our desires, perhaps daily. We write about what’s important to us. We know what we want, and we want to go out and get it, and sometimes we do, but we’re going to write, write, write, and visualize the perfect, or not so perfect, scenario perhaps before taking action.
Or, if something didn’t go the way we initially planned, we’ll write about our melancholy on such subjects. Girl you like ends up seeing another dude and thinks of you as some weird creeper, yeah okay, that stings.
Or, if you’re anything like me and love dystopia, you’ll be getting some awesome inspiration from conspiracies and secret societies forever gripping the Earth in its iron claw.
Yes, the life of a writer is a strange one to the point our TV loving families can’t grasp the idea of creating our own plots out of thin air when we have these awesome motion picture devices in our own living room making such plots and entertainment for us.
We’re the creators, thinkers, dreamers, and innovators. We love to make our own and we have an entrepreneurial frame of mind. We may be influenced by books, TV, movies, and other influences, take out what we aren’t fans of, keep what we like, insert our own creations, and launch such creations and hope people love them. Sure, we’ll get good and bad reviews, but we just want someone to read our work and spread the message that holds true to us.
Keep writing, my friends.