Because life is a journey and you’re on for the ride. You’re greater than what they said you would be. In fact, if you’re a writer you have a special ability, or your brain has a special ability, to filter out what it deems unimportant but hold onto what is important.


            So, what does the brain see as important or unimportant?


            It’s going to operate at a different level than your friends, I’ll clue you in on that. You’re going to forget things like birthdays, holidays, what your boss told you to do, and several other things the masses find important. But, you’re going to remember faces, personalities, uniqueness in certain people, what they do for a living, what their reflections on life are, and the mind will be creating this character you may use in a manuscript.


            But, life is a journey, because we crave meeting new people who are story-worthy.


            Who are some story worthy characters?


            I must make a confession, and this confession is one day when I finish with my Uprising series, I’m going to create a short memoir encompassing five years, between 2012 and 2017 of interesting people I met in the first stages of my journey.


            Furthermore, the story goes way beyond those I’ve met, but the lessons I’ve learned from each, which have shaped me into who I am today, the motivational writer dude who tries to motivate my readers into pursuing their passion in favor of falling victim to the system.


            What’s the system?


            Oh, you know, the system! The system where we graduate high school (or college), find a job, work for a living in a gig we may’ve settled for, remain oblivious to what the government is doing behind our backs, pay taxes due to a tax code passed by our government overlords while we pay taxes for them to create such a code, work until we receive a retirement check in the form of social security (also from the government) while the big corporation who is in it with the government we’ve been working for is going to take care of us because we invested in their 401(k) plan or something similar and thank such corporations (whose leaders just made upper six to seven figures off you) for the opportunity to work for them for thirty-plus years for a minute compensation.


            If the above sounds like you and you’re satisfied, stop reading this article. If this is you and want something better for yourself or if you don’t want to fall into such a trap, read on.


            Why not close your eyes for a second and reclaim the child’s mind you once had. You know, the mind that was full of imagination, and the possibilities were endless. Yeah, that mind. You know, the one that craved adventure, or just had to write down whatever it thought, or saw an abstract picture and had to relay it to a canvas. Yeah, that mind.


            It’s still there. It’s still lurking. It’s part of you. It is you. It lives in you.


            Now, why not, from this day forward, shoot for the stars in this passion?


            Why settle?


            Sure, reincarnation may well exist, but this is the only life where you’re you. Why not make the most of it? Why settle for something less for the means of security?


            Liberty is my agenda, and I believe to achieve true liberty, we must put security aside, and the workforce is no exception. Sure, job security and a steady pay may be nice, but if you do this for thirty-five years and look back at perhaps a talent or a promising career of what could’ve been, well, you lived without living.


            I don’t want you to do this. I want to see you fly above the clouds with the eagles, as peaceful as the dove, as bright as the raven, and as unique as the owl.


            If no one else believes in you, I will believe in you.