Our truest rewards in life go beyond personal success. Look, I’m twenty-six and I’ve already had the opportunity to work one of my dream jobs and am now looking to make another dream come true before I hit thirty, the dream of being a well-known writer, blogger, and perhaps even an author.
But, success means nothing unless you’re looking back to where you were when you first started in any venture. If you’re going to hype yourself, continue doing so, but make sure you have a following of likeminded people looking up to you like you look up to them. It’s not rewarding to be successful without sharing with others.
So, what I wish to share with you today are ways you can help pay it forward and share your success with other individuals each step of the way.
Currently, I’m building my writer platform, which takes time, energy, patience, and persistence. Not to mention trial, error, starts, a few stops, some sputters, a stall here or there, and success follows, but only after a rough patch.
Well, I figured out how to make a budding platform via blogging (this blog here is very new), Twitter, and even a Facebook fan page. My new goal is while I continue to build such a platform is to help others avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I made. I want to do this because it’s my goal to keep people from getting discouraged by perhaps friends, family, co-workers, and society in general because for us writers and others looking to pursue passion, this isn’t an easy task.
Since there are no shortcuts, those who are starting fresh need to be reminded that this needs to be treated like a second job. One mistake many novices make is they expect quick results. This is compounded because society is conditioned to expect quick-fixes in everything. If you’ve ever been a fitness trainer, this point hits home.
People need to realize there is going to be work involved, and the remaining time during your week is going to be directed toward that. There are one-hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week, fifty-six of which you may spend sleeping, fifty working, eight eating, and fifteen getting ready for work still gives you thirty-seven hours to pursue your passion. You have time, but you must use it wisely.
You may burn some bridges and I’ve burned more than a few. These bridges could be friendships, family ties, potential relationships, yep, we’re tearing down the ship and rebuilding it. There is a lot that goes into becoming better at your passion and ultimately doing so full-time. But, if it’s truly your passion, it must come first, and you must want it more than anything you’ve wanted in your life.
Never, ever, ever settle for something less, and this means relationships. Some people date and marry young while making sacrifices to potential careers or opportunities.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. I know you may love someone now or think you do, or your current best friends are going to be your best friends three, four, five years from now. For people in our age group, things change, people change, and you need to change.
I’m being straightforward because it’s my style. As a trainer, I’ve learned it’s never good to beat around the bush. As a writer, and hopefully one day a full-time writer, I want to be real with people when I explain what goes into this. Trust me, I wake up each day wondering what could’ve been in many instances, but the other voice tells me to keep moving forward.
Sure, many of us have been hit hard, very hard, sometimes by ourselves burning bridges with those we’ve been good friends with in the past. But the light is always on the other side of the tunnel, even if we can’t see it.