Because you’re worth more is why you must go after your true passion in life. You’re worth more than the bribe given to you by big business. You’re worth more than representing or wearing a brand someone else created. You’re worth more than following someone else’s orders and making a small profit while fulfilling their dreams so they can live a life of luxury.
You were worth more the second you were brought into the world. You’re worth more than following the accepted status quo of finding a job, making a living, receiving benefits, paying taxes, retiring, and dying. You’re worth more because as writers, or anyone looking to make a difference, a major difference, in the world, you realize from a young age you have a purpose to let your voice be heard from sea to sea.
Unfortunately, most people, and we know a lot of people who think this way, buy into the perceived status-quo they need to find a job, make a living, put money back for retirement, pay taxes, and die.
Yet, we realize the importance of making an impact not directly toward others, but toward the world. We live in an imperfect society, and even if our views differ from one another, we know our voices need to be heard. Some of us write, others make videos, others travel and spread their message. At the end of the day, we’re all spreading a valuable message.
But, we’re tricked. We’re tricked into believing we must succumb to someone else’s wishes and make a penny or two while they make a bit more, their supervisors more, their supervisors even more.
And I don’t like the above logic.
When we’re thrown benefits for healthcare (a form of dependency), social security (will it even be there when Generation Y reaches retirement age?), and a retirement plan at the company’s expense (another form of dependency), we take the money and run.
Usually, it’s because mom and dad tell us to.
Mom and dad don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, because they fell into this status-quo because they were taught so. But our generation, the artists, the writers, the poets, the broadcasters, have said enough, it’s time we’ve forged our own path and are finished with this socialized bandwagon Generation X and their ancestors were subject.
Isn’t this why we do what we do?
And it’s beautiful.
And you’re worth it, because the key to unlocking peace of mind is to begin by forging your path, shaping your destiny. So, while your high school, college, or even co-working friends continue to fall for the status-quo, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about what they think.
Don’t worry about the haters, or what others say about you. This is your life, not theirs, and if they want to judge you for it, so mote it be. You have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and you also have the right to overlook the status-quo most of the country is trained into following.
You need not become a follower, because you’ve already taken the first steps in becoming a leader. Financially, and job security-wise, you may currently be behind those you know, but don’t allow it to discourage you. The sickest wolves travel ahead of the wolfpack, but the pack’s leader brings up the rear.
You’re a leader, and even if you’re behind, remember you’re going to find yourself on top.