Be Unique

Be unique, please be unique and remember it’s not necessary to fit into status-quos to be accepted. Us writers know this and we’re unapologetically ourselves. We love this aspect of life and realize we can be free.
So, why do many of us fall for the status-quo and gravitate toward the crowd rather than deviate from the crowd and be ourselves?
People have a natural desire to fit in, and to fit in, most claim, you have to give a little to gain a lot. Okay, yes and no. You do have to give a little, but you need to give what makes you unique.
What if I told you there are millions of others like you?
Give a little of yourself, and you’re going to gain a lot by finding your crowd. Look, it might not be the mainstream crowd but who cares? The mainstream crowd changes each and every day. So, do yourself a favor, and be you, because in the long run, when you’ve aged and looked back on your life, you’re going to wish you took my advice.
How many of us know someone who lives in regret because they took what was given to them from the mainstream, be it a spouse, job, or something, and settled rather than shoot for the stars?
I can name dozens, and there are dozens to come as many I know from high school and my first gig back in Weirton are getting married young and having kids.
People like myself are going to bide our time and wait for good moments. Notice, I said good and not perfect, because perfect never comes. The right moment may never come, but good moments do, where you’re going to give up as little as possible.
Being an outspoken libertarian whose Pagan-minded and believes in magic, it surely isn’t easy find those like myself. And the cool thing is you may be different than me, and that’s okay. You might be a conservative Christian, liberal Atheist, conservative Atheist, or liberal Christian, devout Muslim, or a rad combination of what I’ve mentioned!
I’m giving you a license, here and now, to be you!
So, if you’re looking to fit into the status-quo, please, don’t do this because in the long run it isn’t worth it.
We’ve heard from countless people that they had this going for them, or that going for them, but this happened so they had to settle for that, and twenty years later they’re secretly living in regret. Don’t be one of these people. The opportunities will come and when they do, you’ll be soaring to new heights.
Ah, today is a great day to begin. Find your passion, find what make you comfortable, soar to new heights, and leave the world behind in its self-made pit of misery.
Why do I say this?
Those who follow the mainstream crowd aren’t happy. They pretend to be happy because they think fitting in will make them happy. Yet, when they find this isn’t the case, it’s often too late, I’m afraid, and they live in regret.
Don’t live in regret. Live, love, laugh, spread positive energy, and motivate others to your cause. But, your cause should be motivating others to be unique. Let them be themselves, even if it contradicts you. Sure, you can preach your beliefs, and I recommend you do so, but please, give others the courage and opportunity to speak up and be unique.
I encourage you to do so, now pay it forward to someone else.

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