We win every day, so long as we continue to work toward our ultimate goals. Now, I’m obviously not talking about a nine to five gig or a good paying job with benefits and a retirement pension in which you rely on the company for you and your family’s well-being. To me, that’s called Stockholm Syndrome.
Remember your passion and don’t take the long-term bribe, even if you’re taking it now. If you’re doing your current job to pay the bills and making a decent living while pursuing your passion, that is fine. I’m doing the same, being a trainer while I have some good old free time during the day to write my posts, or just to write.
Now, the bulk of my budding audience are writers, so I’ll use writing as the primary example here but if your passion is something different, feel free to relate this post to your own passion. In a way, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to pursuing our passion, and my goal is to motivate you to succeed and in turn, I wish for you to pay it forward to others.
As the title mentions, we win every day, but we must make time for ourselves. This is important, even if you work full-time and have a family to feed and haul to extracurricular activities. Please, continue being a parent, as this comes first. But, as award winning author Jerry Jenkins did in his early writing days, he saved his writing until nine at night, and wrote until twelve in the morning.
What you must do is adopt a similar practice as Mr. Jenkins, one of my idols and in way, a writing mentor, as I belong to his writers’ guild which has helped me like none other. This leads me to my second piece of advice: always find people who are pursuing a passion similar to yours and find people who have succeeded in such passions.
For me, Mr. Jenkins is a prime example, as he’s the author of over one-hundred and ninety books including the famed Left Behind Series. Also, he reaches out to all people, and as a non-Christian he treats me like he treats his Christian followers. So, find someone who’s unbiased toward who you are, and will help you out of their love of their craft and seeing others succeed.
You also want to have a clear and open mind. Always be willing to learn and if there’s something you’ve been doing incorrectly for ages, don’t be afraid to drop the bad habits and correct yourself. I found this in my own writing, and the first few times I listened to Mr. Jenkins’ lectures it was clear I knew how to write, but I didn’t know how to write for today’s audience. Big difference between yesterday’s crowd and today’s screen generation.
Another thing you want to do is keep positive energy. Always have fun what you’re doing and if you make a mistake, remember it’s only a prime attempt in learning, and nothing more. Mistakes will happen, as they’re part of life. We all make mistakes, and always learn from them and point others in the right direction.
Finally, measure your progress. Our craft is going to be something that occurs over the course of time. We’re not going to be an all-pro overnight, so never expect to make giant leaps forward. But, we win every day if we take small steps and see ourselves progressing toward greatness.
Thank you all for reading this article and I encourage each of you to check out some of my previous articles. I’m looking to motivate you to pursue your passion and live life to the fullest by finding ways to get paid by doing what you love rather than being enslaved by the system. You can do this, because you know what you must do to rise above the pack.
Best of luck to all of you and your journey to success.