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What is a Real Job, Anyway?

I get it. You’ve found your passion, yet you’re safe in your current job. This may be due to the fact your job is secure with benefits that have won you respect from mom, dad, and the whole family. Yet, you’re lacking respect in yourself.
Do you remember that dream you had?
No, not the fall to Earth dream you’re currently living but the one you had before high school?
When you wanted to be a writer, or something similar?
What happened?
Why did you give in?
And now, as you stock store shelves or do whatever it is you’re doing, you ponder day in and day out what your future could’ve been as you go through invoices and find you shorted your store of Canned Good X. Now, your boss will be coming to the back any second to chew you out on why we don’t have more of Canned Good X. Big deal, you think. It’s a canned food. The man’s flipping over a few silly boxes of canned foods.
But you’re ingrained in your dream. But you’re scared, because this job has given you a decent pay, benefits, a retirement plan, the whole nine yards, and all you have to do is ride it out until you’re sixty-five, and you can retire a financially secure man. You did it! You made it through the marathon of the middle of life.
But no, you didn’t.
Wait, Todd, what did you say?
You didn’t make it through the marathon of the middle, you went through the motions. You coasted, and never did a single thing than succumb to the pay taxes mentality. Now, you get to use the money you so carefully saved and hope it lasts until you reach the dying part. You worked, paid taxes to the federal government for things that go beyond the scope of this article, retired, and died. At the end of the day, you were just another social security number.
What happened?
You didn’t pursue the dream you knew would make an impact in someone’s life. Look, managing a freaking grocery store isn’t going to win you over much impact. Heck, you’re going to answer to a higher-up, and the higher-up is going to answer to the corporate office. It’s all a numbers game to these people, your overlords who will replace you in a few seconds, a few seconds after you quit making them money.
But, they pay me well, you may argue.
Okay, great, but isn’t working for compensation while the company you represent, work for, and in a way, become, make six figures more than you ever will? Sounds like modern-day feudalism to me.
No, I’m here to motivate you into saying you can and will become what you’ve always wanted to be. Yes, it will take work, and yes, there will be a lot of guessing, and yes, there may be days you wish you just stayed in your safe space of a forty-hour a week job with a decent salary, paid vacation, benefits, and a retirement plan, but that isn’t living.
Working toward what you love to do and make money at it is a living. It’s a true living, and it’s all about knowing you can achieve it. If you’re a writer, it means your story is going to be worth reading, even if you’re in an early draft. If you’re a blogger, it means your blog is going to be monetized by driving traffic to your site, so people can read what you’re passionate about. It’s about getting published or if you’re an indie-author, as I’m aspiring to be, selling your books so the world can absorb your message. This is what a true living looks like.



  1. I cannot explain how much I love this post! You are sending a fantastic message here, keep up the good work. On a personal note, I have been stacking shelves in a store and hating every minute of it, I recently quit said job and i’m currently working on my blog and becoming a personal trainer so couldn’t agree more with your message! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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