I know how many of you feel on the dreaded Sunday night. You have work in the morning and will be stuck in your work prison somewhere between eight and twelve hours, perhaps longer. The stress of a new week approaches as the fun weekend drops back into the shadows and Saturday feels like its an eon away.
We’re already feeling a sense of dread because of a job when we should be motivated for Monday morning because it gives us a new chance to pursue our dream and leave the stress of our current gig behind. Let your current job serve as motivation. Do you want to be there forever? Of course not, so let’s allow our motivation shift toward our passion.
For myself and other writers, it’s all about all the write stuff, and yes, I intentionally inserted the word ‘write’ in this sentence. Look, we may spend between one-third to half our work week at our job. But, we can also find ways to utilize the other two-thirds to half of our week to pursue our passion.
How do we do this?
We wake up before the sun and go to sleep after everyone in our apartment complex goes to sleep. We can bring our laptops to work with us and continue to pursue our passion during breaks and even downtime, if applicable.
Our when looking at Monday, our motivation should entail us to find ways to work toward what we really want in life, and it may not involve our current place of work. There is nothing better to use as motivation than our current job. The less you wish to be there, the more motivated you need to be to hand in your two-weeks’ notice when you feel ready to take a stab at your passion.
As writers, we find motivation all around us, we can feel the negativity in the breakroom, or even on the floor. We overhear (eavesdrop is such a sensitive word) conversations that aren’t so pleasant, or complaints toward management, or whatever.
And we think how in the world have these people stuck out five, ten, twenty, thirty years at this place, and if there’s one thing we don’t want, it’s to end up like these miserable people. We don’t need any part of it.
So, what do we do? We treat our passion like a second job, and when we sit down to write our thoughts, we need to pen or type how we feel so we can see it in black and white. We should be pulling out all the stops, so we can enjoy life, and when we’re doing what we love day in and day out, we enjoy life.
Our day will come, but we always need to be motivated to pursue. Use the stress buildup at work as motivation to write, or pursue your passion, whatever it may be. Take that stress and release it with an awesome days’ worth of working for what you want in life.
You only live in this particular life once, and you have the right to enjoy it. Yes, it’s going to take work, and yes, it’s going to take sacrifice, and yes, it’s going to take time and energy, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it.
Because anything involving a struggle is worth having. Happiness is worth attaining, and despite the amount of work involved, when you reach the apex, you’re going to feel on top of the world. And best yet, you can motivate others to pursue their passion and win in this life.
You have a message, make it known, and let the world know about it.