It’s important for us to build a platform when we’re pursuing our passion, and I’ve recently taken to my old Twitter account and rebooted it. In just over forty-eight hours, I managed to gain seventy followers, and the number continues to rise.
Why is this important?
Twitter is a great way to increase exposure in addition to a blog, Facebook, and other social media accounts you may venture in to.
I want to show you today how I managed to take a Twitter account I created two years ago for work-related purposes and transformed it into one for motivating others to pursue their passion. For my account, it’s motivating people to pursue their passion in writing.
Since my blog followers are all writers, this will help you in your own unique quest to build an audience. If you’re an aspiring indie author as I, Twitter becomes important (to an extent) in book marketing, though via several articles on Just Publishing Advice from Derek Haines, we need more than just social media.
For purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Twitter.
So, for about a month, I was posting anything and everything, but I wasn’t doing several key things to get noticed. Instead, it was like throwing and hoping someone would come down with the ball. I’d tweet, use a few hashtags, and I might get a response.
I also made the mistake of intertwining my Twitter posts with my Libertarian agenda which I’ve preached several times, most notably on my personal Facebook account.
So, what I do different that’s given me over seventy followers (and counting) since two o’clock Saturday afternoon?
1) I started following likeminded people and did a little creeping. Now, each writer, blogger, or author may have an agenda similar to mine, but they realized something I didn’t; people in writing care about writing and writing advice, not the agenda. Let your book do the talking when it’s published, you just focus on writing.
2) Post relevant information. In a way, Rule Two might be an extension of Rule One. You need to post advice relevant to your passion. Sure, Libertarianism is one of my passions, but my main passion is writing. That’s why I’m on Twitter; to meet likeminded people who like to write. I can use my books to spread the political agenda.
3) I post often, literally every waking hour on the waking hour. Now, this may seem like a hassle, but make notes on what you want to post about, but it must be relevant to the subject at hand. For me, it’s showing people what I do to write for a few hours each day. I like to motivate, so I show people what they can do to motivate themselves to write, especially if they hit a standstill.
4) Like and comment when applicable. Like, comment, and retweet anything you might find yourself tweeting about. Or, if you’d like, tweet something similar but word it differently. I’m following a guy whose passion is motivation, and he’s a writer, so his posts influence my own.
5) Maintain the presence. You can’t do this for twenty-four hours and call it fixed. I went from having roughly 240 followers for months and the number is now approaching 310. At this rate if my pace continues, this time next year I’ll be closing in on 13,000 followers. That’s 13,000 potential book buyers. If only 3% buy the book, that’s almost four hundred customers. If I sell for, say, $9.99, it’s nearly $4,000.
6) Use Evergreen Posts. Evergreen posts can be recycled and as you attain more followers, guess what? You can post the same thing time and again as these posts will be fresh to your current followers.

I would like to thank Derek Haines of and I’ve been following him for some time and he always has the answer to this rookie indie author’s questions!