The Great Social Media Experiment

The Great Social Media Experiment is something I decided to have a little bit of fun these last two years while writing the first few drafts of my manuscript, Uprising, and took to social media to find the best way of gaining followers who are like-minded. In other words, I found ways to increase exposure and gain positive reviews on my profile.
This is an experiment I conducted to help myself and you find ways to increase exposure. Just because this experiment did assist me in gaining a few followers, it’s by no means a magic pill and thus takes longer than a few clicks within few hours to see results. It takes time, energy, and lots of work to do this.
I have four social media accounts, a personal Facebook, a professional Facebook (my writer page), Twitter, and Instagram. Now, since my personal Facebook is made up of friends from high school until a year ago, I decided to go all out and talk about myself. In other words, my personal Facebook was me, me, and me. I portrayed that arrogant athlete you see in the news weekly, always doing something to benefit themselves over the team.
I recently got active on Twitter and since Uprising is almost completed, my professional Facebook has seen more activity, too. I use these pages to make it all about my potential readers and what I have to offer to the world via my message. What can I do for you, in other words. I like using Twitter and my professional Facebook as a way to connect with people, people who are like me, and bounce ideas off one another.
My Instagram is my neutral account, more inclined toward my personal Facebook, but much watered-down and politically correct. I’m not wholeheartedly as active on it as I am in other avenues, being more writing inclined.
Anyway, my findings concluded much of what I already knew; people despise it when you talk about yourself. In other words, your social media accounts need to be geared toward your reader. What can you do for them?
People love motivating tips, information, and direction. Use your knowledge to cater to them. On Twitter, I’ve noticed people love retweeting motivational posts. Your followers will increase substantially, and you’ll be seen as an expert in the field.
Ditto can be said for my professional Facebook. I share this blog on it daily, and I like to use it to preach self-reliance and motivation to you. I like to post tidbits of what we can do to motivate ourselves to continue pursuing our passion in favor of falling in line with the rest of society and working on a timeclock.
So, make a pact with yourself to log onto your social media accounts and post daily tips, motivational quotes, and inspiring stories to stir up your growing audience. People love being told success stories by others just like them. You will give people hope that one day they can quit their dead-end, or unexciting job and instead opt for what they’ve always dreamed for.
Tomorrow, I’ll talk about doing exactly what it takes to make and see progress. There is nothing easy about rising above the crowd, but the end-game is going to be worth it. I’m in your boat, someone trying to make it in the field of writing, and I want you to relate in whatever your passion is.

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