The above words were made famous by former NFL star, Aeneas Williams. Those of us who want more in life than a simple nine to five job with health and retirement benefits but little impact on the world should live by Williams’ words.
What motivated you to pursue passion? It’s usually the end goal. When someone embarks on their own fitness journey, they begin with the end in mind. They know what they want to look and feel like, and you know exactly what you want to share or sell to the world.
We may have several goals, and each goal begins with the end in mind. Your job is to fulfill these goals. Pursue your passion and make an impact in the world. Being a Pepsi Guy may pay the bills, but being a Pepsi Guy also means you’re going to make a lot of people sick by selling them Pepsi products. If you’re the Pepsi Guy, you don’t have an end in mind other than retirement.
People like us never think retirement, because if you’re a writer, you have a message to spread. Heck, if movie production is your thing or politics, you have a message to spread and you want to continually spread such a message and reach as many people you can. Ron Paul is eighty-two and he runs his Liberty Report five days per week. He’s not retired, because his message lives on and has never changed.
My message is much like Ron Paul’s, which preaches liberty. Your message may be something different, but regardless, our end goal is to change others, persuade them, educate them.
We’re all identical, because we want our passion to define us. We want our message to vibrate through us like energy, and we want the world to know about it. In today’s online world, this is possible, but we want to go beyond it being a hobby, or something we do when we’re finished punching the timeclock at work; we want this to be our lives.
While once upon a time, we could travel and spread our message, it’s not possible today. But, the internet is a powerful tool, as is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sites which will allow the world to know who we are and what we stand for. We need a blog, too. This blog must be alive and flooding the reader with information to help them in their own pursuits, as mine does, or educate them on your message.
What do you want to be in this world? Do you just want to make money, have benefits, and save for a nice retirement, or do you want more? Do you want to reach others directly and let your voice be heard, as America’s Founders had done once upon a time?
I love risk and I take it daily over security and you should, too. We may live multiple lives, but we only live once in our current life. We’re in our current life, the here and now, for a reason, and the sweet thing here is it means we’re all more capable than working a simple nine to five gig. We don’t need to be the Pepsi Guy who shotguns pre-workout powder with a Rockstar Energy drink and find out how much he bench presses each week.
Oh no, we’re more than this. We’re much more capable than being Mr. or Ms. Nine to Five, or ten-hour shift, or anything for a paycheck that’s really a bribe to keep us “satisfied” until we reach retirement age. The impact will lead to followers and the followers will lead to wanting more from your voice, and you can take that passion and sell it to the world, making a living doing just this.
You can go to conferences and learn from the experts in your field. You can read articles and analyze them in your blog and social network sites. The possibilities are endless. You just need to know what you want, begin with the end, and die empty.