How to Maximize Your Message to the World

What’s great about America is the government shall not infringe upon our First Amendment Rights given to us by the Higher Power, whichever religious denomination you belong to.
For this, we’re free to spread any message we choose, and we can preach anything we wish if such messages do not threaten others. This is rewarding, because though my own message may differ from yours, we still have opportunity to preach it.
For example, I’m against gun control in every way, shape, or form, but I’m going to defend the right of those in favor of gun control to voice their opinion, even if I disagree with them. The same goes for Donald Trump’s tariffs. I’m pro-free trade, but many, especially those living in Pittsburgh, are hardcore for such tariffs.
But I’m not about to write a political article today. I want to tell you how you can make your message hit home and deliver to a wide audience.
For starters, your Facebook friends list might dwindle, but you’re also going to attract the right followers and maybe even meet a few awesome new souls via social media. It’s okay, because people, on the Left and Right, are going to blackball you simply because you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump, or, (dare I say it?) for the National Anthem Protests during NFL games or against it. I think the last one has burned at least a dozen bridges while a dozen more friends have been livid with me since.
If you’re a writer, this message has to hit home in a positive or negative way. We must understand the better we are at spreading our message, the more we’ll be loved or hated, but nothing will be in-between. And that’s okay, because you know your voice is being heard.
I’ve seen several people throughout the years heed caution to voicing their messages they deem important to themselves.
Don’t be.
You’re going to rub others the wrong way, and it’s a fact of life. What’s better is you’re going to have your voice heard, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert in such realms.
A good tip I have for you is to begin posting your opinions (as they relate to your message) via social media. What kind of response are you going to get? Are you getting a response? These are questions you need to answer.
If you’re getting a response, is it positive or negative? If nobody’s responding, why aren’t they doing so?
In addition to putting relevant information on social media, you need to talk to people. I know, this can be a tough gig for us introverts, but it’s essential. You need to let people know what you’re all about. Even when I’m working my day job, I’m still me. I don’t put on a mask for anyone, not even an employer. What you see is what you get, and my belief system will follow. You need to do the same.
If you haven’t started a blog yet, do so. This is an even better way to get more specific about your message. You’ll also find like-minded people who will motivate you to continue to get the word out about what you cherish. Again, don’t worry about haters or any of this, they will come. I actually had a guy share my blog to his Facebook audience because he thought I wrote about him! But hey, it increases exposure.
If you want your message to hit home, you’re going to want to post relevant information for others to share. You need to impact people directly through face to face contact, and you want to be clear with your blog. If you haven’t done these, what are you waiting for?

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