What’s Your Passion?

What makes you have such a desire to get a message out or sell a product you believe in to the point you’re willing to stay up until two in the morning and eventually quit your day job and make a full living off it?
People ask me why I pursued fitness and rediscovered my love for writing. To be honest, physical and mental health are my real passions, and while coaxing others into living a fitness lifestyle will benefit them long-term in regard to saving on medical bills and skyrocketing premiums in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market, my libertarianism I love to preach through writing will give people the third option they’re looking for in favor of following the conservative or liberal mainstream media.
This said, my mission is to give people the means to rise above the status-quo of a sedentary lifestyle we as Americans have become accustomed to, while motivating them to turn off their television sets and question everything they’ve been taught in school, and what they’re told in the media.
As you can see from the above, my passion has become my life.
And the same should be done for you.
What draws you to your lifestyle? What is it about the product you believe in so much that you have to get it out into the universe, so others can experience the benefits of such a product?
If you’re selling something because you want to make a quick buck or don’t believe in what you’re selling, you need to get out of your current line of work ASAP.
If you’re struggling at a dead-end job you can’t see yourself doing you need to get out of your current line of work ASAP.

Ditto, if you feel the job isn’t going to allow you to make an impact on anyone or society. If you’re stocking goods just to sell them because you’re getting paid a solid salary with benefits and a full retirement plan plus benefits for your family, you’re in the wrong line of work.
Another goal of mine is to get my readers out of the above mindset. I realize money is what makes the world go around, but at the same time we need to utilize our integrity and believe in what we’re promoting to the masses.
Again, I love using the irony of the gym rat making a living as a regional manager at Pepsi. You can see how the two fields don’t intertwine, and for me, I could never take a gym rat handing advice to people while making a living selling a toxic product like Pepsi. It’s hypocrisy.
So, if you’re working toward selling your passion or getting your message out into the mainstream, you’ve found what you love, but always take the time to remember what it is that draws you to such a passion. Think deep, back to when you first drawn to your message. For myself, I was drawn to Libertarianism when I concluded America’s Founders would’ve been Libertarians today and wouldn’t approve of ninety percent of what the United States does both at home and abroad.
As for fitness, I just don’t want to see people living off a regimen of medications and the need to see an army of physicians every few months. I don’t want to see people tricked into living a healthy lifestyle when they’re really doing a fad fitness program or diet and never see their goals come to life. I want the buck to stop with me. I need the buck to stop with me, and finally show them this is how you live a healthy lifestyle, for life.
So, sell your passion, don’t fall for the bribes of large corporations while contradicting your core beliefs. Be the one who turns down the massive salary to sell a toxic product if health is your passion. And don’t accept money from lobbyists craving statist agendas if individual liberty is your ultimate goal.

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