Message versus Money

This is one of those trick questions the masses fall for. Are you to take the money over the message or the message over the money? If you’re familiar with MyFreedomFlame, I’m all about looking beyond the quick fix we all tend to crave here in America. We want the fast weight loss product, the build twenty pounds of muscle in twenty days product, the popular secret to internet millions, and some savvy advertiser to tell us this can be yours in as easy as one, two, and three.
When we find this doesn’t happen, we strive to make money. We may have friends swearing by and bragging about their massive bank account while working a job they’re in strictly for the money. For instance, if you’re a fitness guy and Pepsi Co. is going to make you six figures, I seriously question your integrity and you need to re-evaluate your life.
What I’m getting to is my argument the message needs to be more important than the money. If you convey the message, the money will follow, and you don’t even need to compromise your integrity. That much I can promise. What I can also guarantee is it’s going to be the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.


Spread the Word

Okay, you’re not down to work a nine to five gig, and neither am I. In fact, I’m not into doing shift work, twelve-hour days, or any of the other stuff to make a profit. What kind of impact am I making by working for a paycheck in a career that’s compromising my integrity. I love to workout, and I believe in libertarian politics, so working for a company that isn’t health related or may have a bias to a certain political party isn’t going to take to me, so why would I even consider working for you?
Nope, the best thing to do is to find your passion, voice your message, find a few like-minded allies, and go for the stars. Don’t help fuel someone else’s dreams or fulfill a vision for a company who will replace you within twenty-four hours. Don’t work for a company because they’re bribing you with a nice salary but in reality are selling a product you don’t believe in and are selling for the commission.


Return to Honesty

It’s ironic that those who follow my religious sect (Wicca/Paganism) are the ones who are often demonized by every population group. We’re honest people, and contrary to popular belief, completely harmless, as we believe in karma, but such karma may not happen in this lifetime.
So, we follow the ancient, honest path of our Pagan ancestors where money was secondary to message. Remember, if you can properly convey your message, you’re going to make the dividend, but the message must be important to do so.
We can’t be compromising our morals and values to make a quick dollar. We can’t be the ones stating money comes first in life and nothing is more important than the end-dollar if we’re truly honest, moral people. We need to find a passion and convey a message to the world. Only then, will we find true happiness, because we’re making ends meet in the most honest ways possible.
As we return to honesty, growing pains will be part of our journey, because we’re going to make certain changes and even blow-off the Friday Night Gatherings, weekend get togethers, and other events or functions that will compromise our time in working on our message and pursuing our passion. At the end of the day if the message is in place, the money will come, and it’ll be an honest pay day.

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