How to Use Time Efficiently

As a trainer, the biggest objection to anyone living a fitness lifestyle is the excuse of being too restrained on time.
Here’s the kicker.
I work at a twenty-four-hour gym, so you’re telling me you’re fully booked twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?
The same goes for pursuing passion in life. You have twenty-four hours a day and how you spend it is up to you.
Sure, we may have to be at work, or be an appointment, but do we really have to be there or do we choose to go to work to exchange our services for compensation (or a bribe, if what you’re doing isn’t what you didn’t set out to do in life and are being paid well). Yet, the monetary exchange motivates us to go to work.
The same needs to be used when you’re pursuing your passion. Sure, like the gym, results may move at a snail’s pace, but something is better than nothing. So many in the world today pursued passion only to come up empty-handed because they ran out of time.
Excuses, excuses.
So, what were you really doing? Were you sleeping, watching television, thinking about the stressful day at work, out with friends at happy hour, or something not listed? I hate to tell you this, but unless a loved one died or is in serious peril, your excuse isn’t good enough.


The Number One Way

The number one way to use time efficiently is to take all your excuses, even hanging out with friends, and slashing them. True friends will understand your mission and let you throw yourself to the wolves. Some will even support you. Those “friends” who like you because you hang with them will go by the wayside, and they weren’t even friends in the first place. They were fake people who liked you only because you hung with them and were in an identical situation, and nothing more.
Make the commitment right now to cut the excuses, because they’re not valid. I don’t even care if you’re a parent of three and have to haul three brats to their extracurricular activity. If you’re sitting there and reading a magazine or bragging to other parents how good your kid is, you’re neglecting yourself. Your kid’s extracurricular is their time, and you need your time.


Being Efficient

Of course, I’m not saying mom and dad need to neglect their child to fulfill their own dreams. What I’m saying is you can put your kids first and still fulfill your dreams, but it’s going to take discipline, self-control, and not living vicariously through junior who’s likely going to be nothing more than a Division II prospect come college if you didn’t already burn them out while they played in middle and high school.
It’s called having late nights working on your ultimate career goal.
Now that we got the kids mantra out of the way for those who have them, it’s time to take a look at other excuses people love to come up with in regard to time.
One such excuse is the lack of sleep myth. Look, I get that people need more sleep than myself, and I sleep between four and six hours a night, sometimes less. Some may need eight hours, but unless you have a serious medical condition, more than eight hours of sleep is going to make you feel drowsy all day.
I can relate, as I do have to convince myself to get up, but once my two feet are on the ground, I’m fine. Nothing else will stop me until I’m either reading or typing until I fall asleep. But, set the alarm, and just stand up. If you hit the snooze button eight times, you just lost nearly an hour and a half. Get up and get after it.


Opportunity Cost

There’s going to be an opportunity cost, as you’re going to be faced with the ultimatum on giving up the opportunity to do one thing for another, and that another should be your passion.
So, what’s it going to be. It’s Friday Night and your best friends are going to Happy Hour, Wing Night, or whatever the event is. You know you should be going home to pursue your passion, but the temptation of low-cost meals can be persuasive. You have two options, and many will choose the Road More Traveled. Why not, for once, take Robert Frost’s advice and follow the Road Less Traveled?
You do this once, it becomes much easier to continue this path.

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