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If you love to write as I do, make sure you write about your passion, whatever it may be. For my Facebook posts, Twitter feed, and even implications here, I like to write about Libertarian Politics. Of course, the first manuscript of my trilogy, Uprising, screams Libertarianism as the main character leads his oppressed colony against an empire reminiscent of the many great empires of the past, primarily the British Empire.


Who are Your Influences?

Our passions have been influenced by many people and at times, environments. Well, who was it making you who you are today wishing to spread a product or message to the world? For me, I had two free-market minded teachers when I was in community college whose arguments made more sense over the liberal teachers.
After doing sound research regarding economic policy, I found the ways of Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Ron Paul simply worked better, but I’m not about to write an economics article, so bear with me.


The World Stage

Furthermore, I investigated America’s military-industrial complex, which I’d been fascinated by from a young age and discovered my fascination was really oppression for much of the world. In post-World War II society, I questioned why we still had bases in places like Germany and Japan, while establishing a colony in South Korea, as Ron Paul loves to put it.
Soon, I came to discover many nations (South Korea, from a primary source whose father held a military career) didn’t want us over there the entire time. The argument for South Korea can be further supported by attempts made by the North and South at showing signs of friendliness. Yet, what disgusted me was Mike Pence’s refusal to acknowledge Kim Yo-jong or, contrary to his publicity stunt on walking out of an NFL game due to peaceful National Anthem protests, sat for the Korean Anthem.
The above is one mere example. I can go on and on about ways which have shifted my beliefs into Libertarian, but I wanted to be critical of both the Left and Right before one branded me a Republican or a Democrat, for I am neither. The funny story is during Obama’s Presidency, I had clients, friends, and families brand me a Republican, only to start harping on me as an argument instigator the second I became critical of Trump, which I’m more critical of Trump now than ever before.



Perhaps government intervention in the States served a primary influence on my passion of writing about the Libertarian message. Government has intervened in almost every single area of America, including what our children should and shouldn’t learn in schools, what should go into our food, how we should pay for healthcare, and a slew of other avenues. Again, I’m only highlighting a few examples or else I’d be writing a novel on the subject.


Revolutionary War

One can say Uprising is a fantasy-based, modern-day interpretation of the Revolutionary War, and they’re spot on. Nearly three years ago, I watched the Sons of Liberty, a miniseries on the History Channel, and it set the question of what the Revolutionary War would look like had it taken place in today’s society.
I also had a few early drafts of a similar work I made back in 2010 when I was nineteen and combined elements of each into one.



The Harry Potter and Star Wars franchises both play key influences not necessarily in my Libertarian Politics but in some of my basic plot elements. Avatar: The Last Airbender played a key role, as did the Chronicles of Narnia, the television series Lost, and a few others to a lesser extent.
I liked to think of Lost as being a crossover of several televisions series and books, and Uprising is no different, with Libertarian versus Authoritarian elements scattered throughout each manuscript.

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