Know Your Audience

Do you know why many get discouraged and give up after a few short months of working toward the dream gig they’ve always wanted? They failed to learn their demographics. This is likely the most underrated but most important topic I’ll ever talk about. Your demographic is your target market. Your target market is who’s going to buy off you.


Reality Check

I’m going to lay it out on the line: Most people aren’t going to care about you or what your message to the world is. The good news is there are going to be a lot of people who do care, but it’s going to be fewer than one-percent of the population.
A popular method I love doing is throwing around names of different guys who play for the Browns to my training clients. Hardly a soul knows who Corey Coleman is. Coleman was the Browns 1st Round Draft Pick in 2015. He’s been so-so, averaging about thirty catches and three touchdowns a season, well below his projection when he first came out of Baylor.
How many people did I just lose? If you’re still reading this article and didn’t exit out after I started talking about Corey Coleman, you’ll now realize how many people are going to care about your message to the world or what you’re selling.
But, just about every Browns fan knows who Corey Coleman is. Some like him, some don’t. But every Browns fan knows Corey Coleman. How many Browns fans are in America? Millions, they’re a loyal fanbase or else I wouldn’t like the team.
Do you see what I mean?
Not a soul outside the fanbase knows of Corey Coleman except fantasy football enthusiasts and stats-keepers. But, many still know him.


What is Your Message or Product?

Like the above section, you aren’t going to market a Libertarian-themed trilogy to neoconservatives, most liberals, statists, and Trump supporters. It isn’t going to happen, so don’t waste your own time. The people you can market such a work to are those looking to dive more into what Libertarianism is, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, Rand Paul supporters, and people who are fed up with the two-party system.
My own trilogy, when launched, will have a modern-day fantasy-dystopia feel, so obviously a nice secondary market will be people who read this genre.
But, I’m not going to market this to people who read, say, kinky romance, despite such a trilogy having a little romance. Those who like westerns aren’t going to read this. It’s going to be a slim crowd of people.


Finding Your Demographic

In addition to writing, I work as a personal trainer and let me tell you, most people aren’t interested in changing their lives; they think they can do it on their own which ends in disaster more often than government programs.
The same goes for your audience.
So, what do we do when looking for training clients willing to fork down the equivalent of a car payment to another rent check to cover training costs? We’re not marketing toward people who want a gym membership, we’re marketing toward people who want a personal trainer.
Where I work the higher educated crowd are the ones who wish to train with a trainer, whether they just want to say they have a trainer (people love saying this) or are aware their current lifestyle sucks and needs a tune-up.
People may wish to join the gym to have a membership, but they’re not going to train and thus their lifestyle will never change as walking on the treadmill doesn’t evoke change unless one is subject to this one piece of equipment.
How do we figure out our target market? Well, we ask questions. For a gym, it’s every member who walks through the door. What is your main goal? How do you plan on getting there? Oh, really, how long has it been since you last exercised consistently? Since high school, and you’re how old, now? Thirty-four, with two kids? And what were the barriers keeping you from exercise the last sixteen years?
As an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ) personality type, the way one answers these questions will tell me in two seconds if they’re worth my time. My ability to feel one out takes fewer than two seconds. Sometimes it’s body language.


We HAVE the Technology

On the flip side, for those looking to read my works, the first page will tell them all they need to know if they wish to invest. However, my book description will hit them harder. The great thing about living in 2018 is we have the technology to reach a mass audience.
For myself, joining Libertarian-based groups on Facebook, commenting on YouTube and other relevant social media sites help, advertising (yes, you’ll need to fork up the cash) within such groups and your active blog is a good place for me to begin, as I’m not in a Libertarian area.
Notice, for both the training scenario and the trilogy scenario I didn’t mention my social media friends or followers list. This is because it’s a bad idea to market toward such people. We think our friends and family will buy our stuff. They won’t. In a fitness sense, I’ve given these people free advice and very few have paid me.
My Facebook friends list? Forget about it. They don’t fit the demographic. They may say they’re going to buy, but this rarely happens. Do yourself a favor and go out and find your demographic.

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